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Academic Technology Launchpad: Selection Process

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Selection Process

Selection Process

In 2020, a cross-functional LMS Project Team evaluated our existing Blackboard Learn Original platform and identified many shortcomings, particularly in terms of lacking modern functionalities.  

Subsequently, we explored the latest version of Blackboard's LMS from 2021 to 2022. However, we encountered significant technical hurdles and usability concerns during internal testing and discussions with other educational institutions. As a result, we redirected our focus towards assessing two alternative LMS options - Canvas and D2L Brightspace, in addition to Blackboard Learn Ultra. 

Throughout 2023, we conducted an exhaustive analysis, including active engagement from students, staff, and faculty, to identify a preference for a new LMS. In December 2023, after careful deliberation, we formulated, presented, and received Cabinet approval for the recommendation to adopt Brightspace by D2L, a decision that was shared with the Board in January 2024.