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Academic Technology Launchpad: Off-campus FileWay

Student Technology Help Desk

FileWay - H Drive / Home Directory Access Off-Campus

While FileWay is an option for students, we strongly recommend using your OneDrive for work or school account.

  • Secure, web-based remote file access application
  • Availalble for current students, faculty and staff
  • Access files and documents saved on your home directory using a computer browser

Enter your college network login - the same username and password you use for myMadisonCollege. Do not use your email address to login. Do not add the 

Then navigate to your Home Directory (H Drive) My Documents folder.

FileWay version 5 

fileway login v5

Updated login page and toolbar with improved accessibility, search, view preferences and navigation options 

fileway 5 toolbar with folder navigation, search, preferences, action transfer and attachlink options

fileway 5 folder views

Select and double-click or right-click a folder or file to navigate, download, view in the browser or use other options.

OR Select and then use the toolbar options

  • Transfer - upload and download files 
  • Action - view a file online, open a folder, copy, move, rename or use other options. 
  • AttachLink - share files

You can view files in the browser - if you don't want to make any changes to the document or file

To edit or make changes to a file: download and save the file to your computer, edit and save again, then upload the edited file to FileWay. 

MC Fileway logoNavigation - built-in navigation options:

  • Right-click options or Actions/Transfer button 
  • Double-click folders to open
  • Address bar and folder tree - just like in Windows Explorer
  • Use the navigation buttons. Do not use the back button in your browser   
  • Remember to Logout when you are done

View a document or file

If you don't want to make any changes to the file, use the View option to quickly view the file in the browser.

Select the file, then select View by a right-click or select View from the Actions button.  

Upload a file or document using FileWay

  1. If you want to upload a file using FileWay, select Upload on the FileWay toolbar. 
  2. Upload File window opens. Click on the Select button to open Windows Explorer and browse to the file you want to upload, then click Upload.
  3. To add multiple files, click the Add button and repeat. 

Download, edit or make changes to a file

Files cannot be saved directly to your home directory when using FileWay, but you can upload and download files. For example, when off-campus: you can login to FileWay, download and save the file to your personal computer or a USB drive, make changes to the file, re-save the file, and upload the new file to your home directory.

  1. In order to edit files that are saved in Fileway, you must first download and save the file to your personal computer or USB drive.
  2. Right-click on any file listed in FileWay and select Download, OR  select Download from the Toolbar. 
  3. Save the file to your personal computer or USB drive.
  4. Open the file in the associated program and make any changes. For example, if you have a .doc file, open and edit the file using Microsoft Word.
  5. Save the edited file again to your personal computer or USB drive.
  6. To upload an edited file back to FileWay, select Upload  on the FileWay toolbar.
  7. Upload File window opens. Click on the Select button to open Windows Explorer and browse to the file you want to upload and then click Upload. If you would like to add multiple files, click the Add button and repeat the upload steps. 

FileWay Mobile

​Apple (iPad, iPhone)

Using your browser on an iPhone or iPad, you will be able to access your files and folders and FileWay features - except for download and upload. To upload or download files, use the FileWay app..


Access your files and folders through your device browser, much like using a computer. There is not a FileWay app for Android. 

AttachLink and Drop

You can email a link to a file or Drop Folder to yourself or another person. The link can have an expiration date.

AttachLink allows users to email file attachments as links instead of sending the actual files.

AttachLink Drop allows users to create a Drop Folder to which authorized users may upload files. To authorize users, the owner of the Drop Folder simply sends them a link. FileWay will then generate a temporary User ID and password for each recipient and email that information separately. 

The recipient will get an email titled: Temporary Login ID for: fileway link along with information about how to access the file or dropboxTo access the files or the drop folder, the recipient will click the link, login with the temporary User ID and password.