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Academic Technology Launchpad: OneDrive

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

Your college H drive or Home Directory is currently the recommended and supported location to save your college files, but you have some other options for saving your work including cloud storage through OneDrive.

OneDrive - Madison College

OneDrive is part of Office 365 and provides a place in the cloud where you can store your files. Using your OneDrive - Madison College account, you can also share your files or collaborate with others at the college.

  • Easy to use
  • Secure access on-campus or off-campus 
  • More space - 1 TB of space in the cloud with your college OneDrive 
  • Secure. Your files are private unless you choose to share them with others at the college
  • Transferable skill - Many workplaces use OneDrive for Business and you could have a personal OneDrive account
  • Mobile options

If you don't see the option to access OneDrive - Madison College, contact Student Computer Help

Access OneDrive

Log into college email / Office 365, click the app launcher (icon with squares), and then select OneDrive.

OneDrive logo and app launcher

Saving to OneDrive

Using an Office program, choose File - Save As, and you may see the option to save right to your OneDrive - Madison College. You may also have a personal OneDrive account option, or you could choose Computer to save to a USB drive or other storage location.

save as options including OneDrive

Upload to OneDrive

You can upload many file types using the OneDrive app. 

Saving Tips

It's a good idea to save early, save often as you're working, and save your important files in a couple places such as a USB drive, email, a personal computer, cloud or other storage location. 

Share and Collaborate

How to add a OneDrive file to Blackboard

Former students not currently enrolled at Madison College  

When you graduate or are no longer enrolled at MATC, you can copy your files to another storage location such as a personal OneDrive account or another storage location.