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Academic Technology Launchpad: H Drive

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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fileway iconYour H drive or Home Directory is a secure file storage space located on a college network server. When you log on to a computer on-campus with your username and password, you are automatically connected to your home directory. Off-campus, you can also access these files remotely using FileWay.


Home Directory Access On-Campus

On-Campus H Drive

Log on to a Windows computer on any Madison College campus with your user name and password, and you will be automatically connected to your Home Directory / H drive.

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You'll see a drive identified as H:     with your username. 


Options for saving your work using Campus Computers

Save early - Save often - and Check where you are Saving!

Do not save to the hard drive or desktop of a campus computer. Your work will not be saved. 

  1. save to a USB drive
  2. your Home Directory / H Drive
  3.  OneDrive - Madison College or a personal cloud storage location (Dropbox, Google Drive, or other account)

Always check where your work is being saved. Use File-Save As...  If you open a document from email, blackboard or a webpage, it may automatically save to a temporary location and the file will be deleted when you log off.  

Save early- As soon as you start a document, save it.

Save often - Maybe every paragraph or so. 

Backup - email a copy to yourself or save in a couple locations. Protect your important data by making copies 2 ways, 1 of which is in a remote location such as your Home Directory network storage. 

H drive or Home Directory

  • Provides access to your files from basically any computer on-campus or off-campus.
  • Helps prevent loss of data if the local computer you are working on crashes or has a hard disk fail.
  • Secure - The data does not get erased until you delete it, because it isn't stored on the local computer; it’s on the server. No one but you can gain access to your files.
  • Free - for students, faculty and staff
  • Storage space = 500 MB for students.

Home Directory Access Off-Campus

Off-Campus H Drive

Access your home directory from any location through the web

Upload and download files using FileWay, a secure, web-based remote file access application. 


Updates and Improvements for File Storage