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Tutoring services are provided to students who would like added support for core concepts, homework or tests in a credit level course through our walk-in service in our Centers.  Tutors will work with students to identify stumbling blocks in the learning process that will build course confidence and lead to academic success.  We assist with courses in math, science, writing, reading and more.  Tutoring is free to all currently enrolled Madison College students and is offered at every campus when appropriate.
  We offer a variety of tutoring support to best suit your needs: walk-in, online and small group. Visit the Book a Tutor page to make an online tutoring appointment or stop by one of our Centers.

Walk-in tutoring service is appropriate for you if:

  • you are struggling with a specific topic, concept or segment of a course
  • you missed a class or two and are "catching up"
  • you need general guidance on completing your homework or assignment
  • you are looking for other students in your class to work together with (e.g. group study)
  • you are preparing for an upcoming exam
  • you generally do well in courses despite some bumps in the road

Still struggling?  Consider the following to increase your success.

  • Seek out support from your instructor first. They are your best resource for understanding course material.
  • Recognize any technology limitations you may have. If so, head to our Libraries for 1-1 support from librarians.
  • Review your study habits and identify any study strategies that may improve your academic performance.
  • Ask yourself if other factors are impacting your ability to succeed. If so, seek out support from Counseling.
  • Check with an advisor to make certain you are in the proper course for your level and your program.
  • Explore online resources like BrainFuse, Khan Academy, Learning Express and more to maximize learning opportunity

Weekly 1-1 coaching service is appropriate for you if:

  • you have unsuccessfully used our walk-in and online resources
  • you have exhausted all potential options for success
  • you are considering dropping out of the course and/or school
  • you are committed to identifying learning obstacles and learning new study strategies
  • you have been referred to us from a College support service (but does not guarantee 1-1)
  • your overall GPA is a 2.0 or lower

One-to-one coaching requires a weekly one-hour commitment from the student for the entire semester.  Most often, our Academic Engagement Partners will work you on identifying your learning style, studying strategies and any potential obstacles to your success.  Most students requesting a tutor are referred to our Centers or Libraries because they are not in need of this in-depth, weekly support service.  Before requesting a tutor you will need to identify your true need.

Request a 1-1 Academic Partner/Coach


Applications to become a peer tutor are open

Work study eligibility is preferred.  All pieces of the application must be received for consideration: 1.) the SAC online application, 2.) unofficial transcripts and 3.) a faculty recommendation  We will contact you for an interview if we have openings.  If you do not hear from us we will put your application on file for a period of one year for when tutor positions open.  Thank you for applying.

"The only reason I am passing Calc 1 is because of these beautiful tutors." -

What to expect

  • Almost all of our tutoring is done in our Student Achievement Centers.
  • For campuses without a S.A.C., a location will be determined.
  • Our Welcome Desk staff will greet you and match you with a proper tutor.
  • You will be asked, and shown how, to log in and out of TutorTrac.
  • Tutors may be a peer, study group, instructor or academic engagement partner.
  • Tutors will support your efforts, but cannot do the work for you.
  • Tutors cannot work with you on take-home exams or quizzes.
  • Sometimes you may have a small wait for tutor availability.  Be patient.

Get best results

  • Test out the way you will be communicating with a tutor before your session begins. 
  • If you need directions or help click the On Call button or go the Academic Technology Launchpad for instructions.
  • Maximize success and work as a team member with your tutor.
  • Read assignments, do homework and note areas of struggle to focus on.
  • Be courteous.  Students are expected to honor the Code of Conduct.
  • Have the tools you need: textbook, hand-outs, pencils, notes, paper, etc.
  • Be positive.  You got this!

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