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Online Tutoring: Login Instructions

Information on virtual tutoring provided by Madison College

How to log in to Brainfuse online tutoring via Blackboard (required for first-time users)

In order to access Brainfuse online tutoring:

1) Login to your Blackboard, via 

2) On your Blackboard homepage, look for the Box that says "Tools."

3) Select "BrainFuse" fromt the list of options under "Tools"

4) Click "BrainFuse" to enter your Brainfuse portal


You should now be logged in to your Brainfuse portal! Click on "Live Tutoring" under "Expert Help" to connect with a tutor.

5.) Upon login, you will see a message regarding the number of minutes you have left for the academic year:

Usage cap message as appears in Brainfuse


Technical questions? Please contact Student Computer Help at (608) 243-4444.

Brainfuse madison College logos

How to log in to Brainfuse online tutoring outside of Blackboard

1) In order to login to Brainfuse online tutoring directly from, you will have to login through Blackboard at least once (see instructions to the left). Once logged in, on your Brainfuse homepage, you should see your first name in the upper right hand corner of the screen (right below the logout link).  

Brainfuse screenshot with My Name and My Account circled

2) Once you hover over or click your name, you should see a link for My Account. Click on My Account.

3.) The next page will display your Brainfuse username and password. Make a mental note of it, or write it down in a safe place.

4) From now on, if you'd like, you can login directly to Madison College's Brainfuse online tutoring directly from Look for the logon link and use the username and password you located in step 3.

Direct Login to Brainfuse

brainfuse online tutoring

When logging in for the first time you must go through Blackboard Tools.  Note and remember your assigned login and password,  From this point on you will be able to login directly by clicking on the HelpNow widget above.