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Online Tutoring: Tips for Use

Information on virtual tutoring provided by Madison College

Tips for Using Online Tutoring

Before logging in:

  • Check for technical system requirements. Will your computer meet the needs for the system? Do you need to perform any system updates? Do you have a good internet connection?
  • Ask questions! If you have any troubles with using the system or have technical difficulties, seek out help immediately.
  • Prepare for the session to use your time effectively.  Read all assignments/notes, attempt problems, write down questions.
  • Have available all books, notes, handouts, course syllabus and any necessary materials or supplies.
  • Be on time for scheduled appointments.


During an online tutoring session:

  • Expect to do your own work.  Just like in-person tutors, Brainfuse tutors will guide, explain, and support, but you will be expected to do the work.
  • Students are expected to follow the Madison College Code of Conduct when tutoring. Please be respectful. Any violation may result in suspension of tutoring services and/or further investigation.

Need Help?

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Are you a student?  Are you faculty?  Our librarians can answer your BrainFuse questions.