Supplemental Instruction: Student Achievement Center

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Supplemental Instruction [SI] is a learning program that targets traditionally difficult subjects like anatomy & physiology, calculus, chemistry, physics and more by offering students regularly scheduled group sessions outside of class time to work on course content with their classmates and an SI peer leader. Some SI leaders are embedded in the classroom instead of offering scheduled group sessions outside of class time.

SI groups or embedded tutors are requested by your instructor. Sessions, or in-class group activities, are specific to your instructor's course section, but are led by an appointed student who has previously taken that course.  These are planned formal sessions or in-class group activities planned with the instructor, in the case of embedded tutors. 

Students who attend these sessions are able to discuss, process, prepare and complete course homework and tests.  Most sessions are held in our Student Achievement Centers and/or Libraries.  Embedded tutors are present in regular class periods. Here's what some students are saying:
    "One of the best resources this school has."

   "It brought my classmates and I closer."     
"I would have dropped or failed my class." 
"Helped me build my self-confidence"

                              "Improved my test preparation."


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SI Participants...

  • don't pay for this service
  • attend some or all sessions as they need [voluntary]
  • get to meet new people and make new friends
  • experience formal group study learning
  • learn new studying methods
  • discover new college and online resources to maximize success
  • are more apt to finish out a tough class
  • earn a final class grade of B or better 64% of the time

Ask your class instructor if your course has an SI learning group.

SI Leaders...

  • have successfully completed the course
  • are a currently enrolled Madison College student
  • are selected by the instructor of a course
  • go through a comprehensive training program
  • attend some class sessions
  • schedule & lead weekly group sessions outside of class
  • integrate robust study skills with course content
  • meet several times a semester with the course instructor

Faculty Partners...

  • formally request an SI for their course
  • select successful students to be SI Leaders for their courses*
  • allow time for occasional in-class announcements by the SI Leader
  • promote sessions to course students as formal group study [not drop-in]
  • advocate for group study sessions outside of the classroom
  • encourage, support and update SI leaders
  • conference with their SI leader a minimum of two times each term

*Leaders must have successfully completed the course & must be currently enrolled at the College