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Academic Technology Launchpad: Change or Reset Your Password

Student Technology Help Desk

Microsoft Entra Self-Service Password Reset

Forgot your Password?

For use if you previously registered a verification method (likely when you first logged in to your account):

Methods you may have registered for password reset include:

  • Personal email address
  • Text your mobile phone
  • Call your mobile phone
  • Approve a notification on your Authenticator app
  • Enter a code from your Authenticator app

If you do not have any methods registered, follow the directions in the Legacy password reset box below to reset your password or call us for assistance Student Technology Help 608.243.4444

Update Known Account Information

First time account setup?

First time setting up an account?

Access your student account

**This password reset system is being phased out. Unless unable to do so, use the above method under Forgot your Password? to reset your password**

Legacy password reset
find username

Usernamebefore the @ in your college email address   

Madison College email = 

An email account is automatically created for you after you are admitted to a program or enroll.

Update Legacy password reset info


Password Requirements

Minimum Length - 14 characters

Maximum Length - 25 characters

Complexity -  your Password should contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of the following categories: 

  • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
  • Lowercase letters (a-z)
  • Digits (0-9)
  • Special characters ( ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | \ ( ) { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /)

Additional Requirements

  • Do not use your name as part of the password.
  • Follow on screen prompts to help create a secure password. 

Changing your Password

  • Do not reuse passwords. 
  • Change your password often.
  • Don't get locked out - After changing your password, remember to update your personal computer and mobile accounts right away on your personal computers or mobile devices for any college accounts  (Blackboard, email, MC-Secure wireless,...) Your account may become locked if a device tries to connect unsuccessfully too many times.

How do I create a good passphrase?

EASY ways to come up with a memorable passphrase:

  • String together several words.
  • Create a short sentence.
  • Create an acronym -- combine the first letter of each word in a phrase to create a new word.


Password length and complexity, and changing passwords periodically, helps ensure the security of your network account, and college network security.