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Academic Technology Launchpad: Policies

Student Technology Help Desk

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College Computer Use Policies

Libraries Computer Use Policies

The computer labs are for academic purposes.

The following policies are effective at ALL Times for ALL Users:

  • NO food allowed in the computer labs; beverages must have covered lids

  • NO cell phone use in the open computer lab or any area of the libraries.

  • Use headphones for any computer audio. Headphones may be checked out from the library help desk for in-library use.

  • Keep voices low; quiet talking only permitted. Groups working on a project in the library may consider using a group/multimedia study room; ask at the help desk.

  • Downloading of software or files for non-academic use is not allowed.

  • Accessing explicit or pornographic sites is prohibited. Refer to: Student Computer Use Guidelines

  • NO game playing allowed except for academic purposes.

  • Madison Area Technical College is not responsible for the integrity of your data contained on your storage devices or other locations.

  • Do not attempt to repair any computer equipment or printers. Please ask for assistance from library staff.

  • PrintSmart Guidelines

Library staff may request at any time the reason for your use of the computers and ask you to relinquish your workstation if it is not being used for academic purposes.

Truax Library Community User Computer Use Policy

(please see our libraries locations page for possible community user limitations due to COVID-19)

  • Photo ID is required. Community Users must register at the Student Computer Help Desk.

  • The Truax Library offers computer use to the general public as a courtesy

  • The computers in the library are primarily for students taking classes at Madison Area Technical College. If the lab is busy, guest users may be asked to leave if the computers are needed for students.

  • Use of the computers in the lab will be limited to one hour per day for community users

  • The library staff's primary responsibility will be assisting student who are enrolled in courses at Madison Area Technical College. Because of this community users may receive a limited amount of assistance depending on how busy the library staff are.

  • Computer use is subject to all Madison Area Technical College Rights and Responsibilities and Library rules and guidelines.