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Academic Technology Launchpad: Courses in Blackboard

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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  •     MATC's online Learning Management System used with many courses

Finding your Courses - Navigation Help

Your Blackboard classes will be listed under the Courses section of the main navigation menu. You can choose to have your courses display in a list or grid view:

bb course navigation menu

To access a course, click on the title of the course. For example: Biology 101 in the image above. 

FAQs about Courses in Blackboard

I don't see my course listed in Courses in Blackboard


I see a message - you are not enrolled in any courses - in Blackboard?

Top 5 answers:  

1. Instructors may not have made the course available to students yet in Blackboard. This is the most common reason. 

  • Most instructors make the classes available in Blackboard on the start date of the class.
  • Check your course enrollment and start date in myMadisonCollege.
  • Check your email for any course information from your instructor. 
  • If it is after the class start date, contact your instructor. 

2. Only students officially enrolled as a student in a course will be able to access that course's Blackboard site.

  • If you are on a wait list for a class, you may have temporary Guest access, but you will not have access to all of the course materials or assignments in Blackboard.
  • You may see this note - Courses where you are: Guest. After you are officially enrolled as a student in the course, you will have access as a student. See more information below. 
  • Check your course enrollment status in myMadisonCollege.

3. Instructors may merge or combine course sections into one combined course or change the name of the course in Blackboard.

  • Students may see a course with a different name or number in their Blackboard portal under Courses. 
  • Contact your instructor for confirmation.

4. Classes from previous semesters are made unavailable to students through an automated process.

  • If you would like access to a previous Blackboard class, contact the instructor for the course.

5. Check to make sure that your course settings allow you to view the course.

  • On your Blackboard page, at the top of the Courses module, click the Filter drop-down menu. Make sure the correct option is selected so you can view the list of courses you're currently enrolled in.

​​Course filter options

Waitlisted Students 

  • Have not officially enrolled in a course, but are waiting for a seat to be available in a course. You can check this in myMadisonCollege.
  • May have temporary and limited Guest access for that Blackboard course. 

Waitlisted Students as Guests in a Blackboard course will not have access to all course materials:

  • Can only view specific content areas- if the instructor makes those content areas available to Guests, such as, announcements and the course syllabus.  
  • Cannot take quizzes or tests, complete assignments, view or receive grades, or fully participate in a course.
  • Instructors can completely restrict guest access in a course.

What happens during the enrollment drop and add period?

You may be allowed to enroll in the course and then have full access to the course as a student. - OR - You may be removed from the course after the 7th day from the start date because a space did not open for you to be enrolled in the course. 

How long does it take to get full access to course materials after I am moved from the waitlist and am enrolled in the class?

  • Usually within about 10 minutes after becoming an enrolled student status, you would have access to the materials in Blackboard as a student. 

How do I know whether I have Guest or Student access to a Blackboard course?

On your My Blackboard page, in the My Courses module:

  • "Courses where you are: Student" lists courses where you have full access to course materials as a student.
  • "Courses where you are: Guest" lists courses where you have temporary and limited guest access.

I'm on a waitlist for a course, but it doesn't show up in my courses listed in Blackboard - Why?

  • The instructor may not be using Blackboard for the course.
  • The instructor may not yet have made the course available in Blackboard. 
  • The instructor may have made all course materials unavailable to guests. 
  • Contact the instructor for that class with questions.

I am on a waitlist, but see the message - "there are no available items in this course" or "unauthorized"?

  • If the instructor has completely restricted guest access in a course, guests may see messages such as "there are no available items in this course" or "unauthorized".
  • Contact the instructor for that class with questions about course content for guest access.

I had guest access as a waitlisted student for a course, but now it disappeared?

  • If, after the 7th calendar day from the course’s start date, a student does not move from the waitlist to enrolled status, you would be automatically removed from the course.  
  • If you have questions about your enrollment status, check your Student Center in MyMadisonCollege or contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.

I am now officially enrolled as a Student in a course (myMadisonCollege), but in Blackboard I still only have Guest access?

  • Sometimes it takes an overnight process to switch from guest to student in Blackboard.
  • If this is not automatically updated, please contact Student Computer Help and we will help you get that corrected. 

Blackboard Course Availability for Students

During the semester:

Instructors are responsible for making classes available, or unavailable.

After the course ends:

 Blackboard courses from previous semesters are made automatically unavailable to students at a scheduled time, usually 4 weeks after the end of the class.

In the meantime, you can:  

  • Hide a course from your view
  • Contact the instructor for the course who can make the course unavailable to you. 
  • Check which courses you are officially enrolled in by looking at your class schedule through myMadisonCollege.

Most classes are completely removed from the Blackboard system after 2 years.

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