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Academic Technology Launchpad: Campus Resources

Student Technology Help Desk

College Open Computer Labs

All campus libraries have open computer labs and laptops that can be used in the libraries. Computer lab

Check with your instructor, campus or department for hours and locations of other open labs. Computers are also available for student use in hallways and other open areas on-campus during building open hours. ​Most classroom labs have classes scheduled and generally are not available for individual use.

Open Computer Labs at each of our Libraries

Get help with your computer or research questions from our helpful library staff

Truax Library

To check availability of software and hardware throughout the college and locations of computer labs, call the Technology Services Help Desk at 608.246.6666.

Student Computer Help 

  • Truax campus library, Rm. A3000
  • Library staff are available to help you in person, by phone or by email with your technology and computer related questions during library open hours.
  • After hours, leave us a phone message or email, and we will respond as soon as possible during our open hours.


The Truax Library has 8 MACs in the library computer lab and 1 MAC in a multimedia group study room. Priority use is for students requiring academic software specific to MAC. Various other campus classrooms may have MACs also.

Options for saving your work using Campus Computers

Save early and often - Check and Back up!

Do not save to the hard drive or desktop of a campus computer. Your work will not be saved. 

Save - to a USB drive, your Home Directory / H Drive, and/or OneDrive - Madison College or personal cloud storage 

Save early- As soon as you start a document, save it.

Save often - Maybe every paragraph or so. 

Check where you are saving ​Use File-Save As...  When you open a document online, it may automatically save to a temporary location and will be deleted when you log off.  

Backup - email a copy to yourself or save in a couple locations. Protect your important data.  

Books and Resources at your libraries

Sample Titles

eBooks and Tutorials