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Meet Our Librarian Coaches & Staff: Libraries

Meet Our Librarian Coaches

Libraries Remote Services Overview

Ways to Connect with Us 

* Chat with Us! via the On-Call tab (right side) for any College need.
Book-A-Librarian Coach Free 30-minute customized session for help.
Call Us!  608-246-6640   We ALWAYS answer the phone for you.

Book-A-TechXpert  Free 30-minute help with most student technology.
Call Us!  608-243-4444   Let's talk all things technology. We'll be there.
* Text Us! 608-554-4659   Best used for quick questions only.
* Email Us Ask us anything.  We get back to you quickly.

* Remote Learning Guide. S
elf-directed support using our web guide.

Spanish Speaking Support Available

El apoyo en español está disponible en nuestra pestaña de ayuda:   
Miércoles - Viernes  8:00 am - 4:30 pm
* Pueden aplicarse excepciones debido a cacaciones, ausencias no planficadas, etc.

Our Libraries

Truax Library

Truax Library

Fort Atkinson

Fort Atkinson Library

Portage Library

Portage Library

Reedsburg Library

Reedsburg Library

Goodman South Library

South Library

Watertown Library

Watertown Library

District-wide Library Hours

Walk-In and Remote Support

Mon - Thu   8:00 am - 4:30 pm (in-person and remote)*
Fri      8:00 am -4:30 pm  (remote only
Sat     Closed
Sun    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm (remote only)

*See below for specific walk-in hours at each campus

What To Expect When Coming to the Library

Walk-in service begins June 1
Truax & South Campuses,  Mon - Thu,  8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Fort Atkinson Campus,  Mon & Wed  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Reedsburg Campus, Mon- Thu, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Watertown Campus,  Tue & Thu, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
*Portage Campus,  Remote Services Only*


We are happy to begin offering limited capacity walk-in services to our currently enrolled students and Madison College staff only.   Full remote services are still available as well as our Book-A-Librarian and Book-A-TechXpert appointments.

You will now be able to individually study in the library, use the computers, browse our collections, check items out--including reserve items, return items, print, scan and receive technology and research support from librarian coaches.  The Quiet Study Room (Truax), Group Study Rooms and other areas of the library will not yet be available for use.

While things are improving we still need to take some precautions. We are asking for your help to keep us all safe and healthy as we transition back to working together in a face-to-face environment.    Thank you.  

  1. All unvaccinated, or not yet fully vaccinated, students and staff should wear a mask over their nose and mouth while using the library.
  2. If you are fully vaccinated, we encourage you to wear a mask should you feel more comfortable doing so as we transition into this next phase, but it is no longer required.  FYI...some staff will continue to wear masks too. 
  3. Continue to keep a distance of six feet from each other whenever possible.
  4. Use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting our space.  
  5. We are open for individual study only.  No pairs or groups---yet!
  6. Community members and children are not allowed at this time.
  7. Food or drink is currently not permitted in the library or SAC’s.
  8. Please do not move the furniture so proper distance can be maintained.
  9. Do not go into unrestricted areas or use stored items.
  10. Staff will be maintaining distance while serving you.  Nothing personal.  
  11. Please clean up after yourself and be sure to take all of your belongings.