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Academic Technology Launchpad: Brightspace FAQs

Student Technology Help Desk

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Q. What is the status of the LMS project?

The LMS Project is entering the implementation phase. This decision was approved by Cabinet in December 2023 with the support of the District Board.

Q. What are the main reasons Brightspace by D2L was chosen? 

Five features of Brightspace figured into the final selection: 

  1. A user-friendly interface with fully responsive mobile functionality to support learning anytime, anywhere
  2. Scalability and flexibility to adapt and grow with our evolving academic and administrative requirements, ensuring a future-forward solution.
  3. A holistic approach to accessibility by providing an accessible platform for all users and learning needs.
  4. Increased reporting functionality to track and analyze educational data, crucial for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
  5. Increased support for our faculty, staff, and students to ensure a smooth user experience. 

Q. Will we be moving to a new LMS in fall of 2024?

No, we will not be moving to a new LMS in the fall of 2024.

Q. When will we be fully transitioned to a new LMS?

With the final decision made, a more concrete timeline will now be developed. There are several variables involved in this process including configuration, testing, conversion, training, and more. The LMS Project Team will begin to build the timeline during the spring 2024 semester. The current plan is to finalize the transition for the fall of 2025.

Q. Should I continue to invest in building content in our current LMS?

Our current Blackboard contract expired in June of 2023 and was renewed for at least two more years. Please continue to build your engaging and innovative content! Rest-assured, no content will be deleted. There will be processes available to convert your existing content to the new LMS when the time comes.

Q. When we move to Brightspace, what will happen to my existing Blackboard content? 

With any transition, we strive to minimize the impact on everyone involved. Brightspace offers migration options to move existing content into their LMS. The LMS Project Team will explore these options with D2L and provide faculty the ability to utilize solutions that best meets their needs.

Q. Who has been involved in the LMS evaluation?

A cross-functional team involving faculty, students, staff, librarians, tech services, CETL, and administrators spent significant time evaluating and researching options for Madison College. We are confident we have found an excellent product to take us into the future! See the Meet the Team tile for more information on team members.

Q. I have questions or additional comments and feedback, who should I contact? 

For additional feedback, comments or questions, please contact us at