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If you have problems joining a workshop, finding information, or would like to recommend a workshop, please chat with us using our On Call button or phone a librarian at 608-246-6640.

To view our list of past workshops, view the Past Workshops page.

To suggest a new workshop topic or request accomodations for upcoming workshops, such as Spanish-language translations or closed captioning, view the Suggestions and Feedback page. 

What Do You Mean, Full-Text Not Available?
Sometimes the perfect articles you need for your project can't be found in Madison College Library's databases Inter-Library Loan to the rescue! Learn how powerful hacks Inter-library Loan and Google Scholar can help you find the research resources you need. 

Monday September 21    2:00pm
Tuesday September 22  11:00am
Wednesday October 28   2:00pm
Thursday October 29     11:00am

Online Learning Essentials: tools to help you succeed ​
Taking classes online is a breeze with the tools provided by Madison College.  Join us for a brief overview of how to set up your computer to access and install the virtual desktop, creating and saving online files, and accessing Microsoft 365.  You will leave with a toolbox to help you succeed after the session.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents. 
Monday September 21   4:30pm
Wednesday September 23 3:00pm
Thursday September 24  4:00pm
Monday September 28    4:30pm
Tuesday September 29 12:30pm
Thursday October 1        2:30pm

Connecting with Classes Virtually: WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, and Teams
Video conferencing programs have become essential in our current environment for online learning, social connections, and more. There's a wide variety of tools being used and it can be intimidating for even seasoned online learners. Join us for an introduction to WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, and Microsoft Teams. We will explore how they are used for online learning and answer any questions you have.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents.
Tuesday September 22       12:30PM
Wednesday September 30    1:00PM

Library 101

The library isn’t just somewhere to find books! Madison College Libraries offer a wide variety of resources to help students, staff, and faculty with school and with daily life. Join this workshop to find out what the library can do for you, including help with technology, research, remote learning, and much more!

Audience: prospective and current students, parents, staff, and faculty.

Tuesday, September 22            2:00pm
Friday, October 2                       2:00pm
Monday, October 5                    2:00pm

Working with Computer Files
Knowing how to work with electronic files is a must for anyone entering college. In this workshop, you’ll learn some key skills including where and how to save and back up your files, as well as how to download and submit files in BlackBoard. We’ll also touch on a few key strategies that will help you stay organized
Audience: prospective and current students, parents, faculty, staff.
Tuesday September 22     4:00pm

Don’t Take the Bait! fighting fake news in the global pandemic era
Good information is always of great value, yet when lives are on the line, it’s more important than ever to have the tools to fight disinformation, rumors and exaggeration. We will discuss some strategies for dodging the worst kind of news and how to slow down before you believe or share what you see on social media.
Audience: all audiences.

Wednesday September 23    2:30pm

Tuesday October 13              1:00pm
Friday October 30                10:00am
Tuesday November 17          2:30pm

eBooks at Madison College Libraries
In addition to the print collection, Madison College libraries have a wide variety of Ebooks available for students, staff, and faculty—and they’re all available from home! Join this workshop to learn more about what books are available and where to find them, including materials for class and for fun.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents.
Thursday, September 24    10:00am
Tuesday, September 29      2:00pm

Wednesday, October 7       10:00am

LinkedIn Learning 101
LinkedIn Learning is a powerful tool everyone at Madison College can access. Features include full courses in topics from Microsoft Excel and Teams to learning coding and music composition. Join this workshop to learn how to quickly create an account and open up endless possibilities. 
Audience: students, faculty, and staff

Thursday September 24     2:00pm 
Wednesday October 14      2:00pm
Friday October 30               2:00pm

Microsoft Teams for Online Learning
One of the many tools available for online learning is Microsoft Teams. Join us to learn more about how to navigate and use this powerful tool for videos, classes, chatting, group work, and more!
Audience: prospective and current students, parents, staff, and faculty
Friday, September 25               10:00am
Wednesday, September 30      10:00am

Thursday, October 8                  2:00pm

Tutoring Options in a Remote Learning World

After class is over where can you turn for help?  The Student Achievement Center (SAC) offers a range of free, live, online academic support options to Madison College students. Explore the resources available through the SAC and discover ways in which you can connect to tutors and SAC staff.
Audience: prospective and current students, and parents, Madison College faculty and staff.
Friday September 25             11:00AM

Library Research 101
Your professor has told you to use a database article for your upcoming paper. Where do you go, and what do you do? This workshop will go over the basics of library research, including what databases we have, how to access them from home, and how to find the articles you need to succeed.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents, community
Monday, September 28       2:00pm

Tuesday, October 6             2:00pm

Open Educational Resources 101
What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and what role do they play in reshaping the educational landscape? Learn about how these powerful tools are helping students succeed by saving money, increasing diversity and inclusion in learning materials, and promoting accessibility. 
Audience: all audiences

Tuesday September 29   1:30pm
Monday October 19         2:30pm  Special Open Access Week presentation
Wednesday October 21 11:30am  Special Open Access Week presentation

How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Sources?

Has your instructor asked to include a couple scholarly, peer-reviewed sources for your paper. You understand their description of what it is, but where can you find them? Join us to find out how library subscription databases can make the process much easier. We'll also take a peek at Google Scholar and other web tools to find open access peer-reviewed sources.
Audience: Current students, community.   

Wednesday October 7      2:00pm
Thursday October 8        11:00am
Friday October 9              11:00am
Wednesday November 18 2:00pm
Thursday November 19    11:00am

Digital Citizenship: take charge of your online world
This workshop will explore the basics of being safe, smart, and socially responsible in the Digital World.
Audience: all audiences.
Friday October 16                2:00pm
Monday October 26             2:00pm

Creative Commons Licenses: the basics
You may have seen the term "Creative Commons" used to describe content online but what does it actually mean? Join this session to learn how the powerful Creative Commons license allows creators, educators, and learners to access and use content in ways traditional copyright doesn't allow. Leave the session with a digital reference toolbox of Creative Commons tools to start using CC licensed works and applying CC licenses to your own content. 
Audience: all audiences
Tuesday October 20    1:30pm  Special Open Access Week presentation
Friday October 23      11:30am  Special Open Access Week presentation

Paper Panic: finding credible sources fast
Is your paper due soon, like really soon, and don’t want it to look like you just grabbed the first sources you saw from Google? Join us to find out how our library databases and resources can help you get to more credible and reliable sources more quickly. Also, find out some simple criteria to use to evaluate the quality of web resources if you do use Google.
Audience: prospective and current students, and parents.

Wednesday December 2  2:00pm 
Thursday December 3    11:00am
Friday December 4         11:00am

Blackboard Essentials Tips and Tricks
This session will cover some best practices for using Blackboard including uploading assignments, best practices for taking exams successfully, and more. Bring your questions!
Audience: prospective and current students, parents.

More dates coming soon!

Digital Backpack Series in the News

Madison College offers online classes for virtual learning

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Madison College Libraries is offering a 'Digital Backpack Series' program to give students and parents an opportunity to learn more about how to make the most of virtual learning. There are classes on video conferencing, library research, equipment best for online classes, plus a basics of virtual learning class, among others.