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Digital Backpack Workshop Series: Home

Live, Streaming, and Drop in workshops offered by Madison College Librarians and Tutors.

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Digital Backpack Series in the News

Madison College offers online classes for virtual learning

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Madison College Libraries is offering a 'Digital Backpack Series' program to give students and parents an opportunity to learn more about how to make the most of virtual learning. There are classes on video conferencing, library research, equipment best for online classes, plus a basics of virtual learning class, among others.

More Information/Suggestions

If you have problems joining a workshop, finding information, or would like to recommend a workshop, please chat with us using our On Call button or phone a librarian at 608-246-6640.

To view our list of past workshops, view the Past Workshops page.

To suggest a new workshop topic or request accomodations for upcoming workshops, such as Spanish-language translations or closed captioning, view the Suggestions and Feedback page. 

How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Sources?

Has your instructor asked to include a couple scholarly, peer-reviewed sources for your paper. You understand their description of what it is, but where can you find them? Join us to find out how library subscription databases can make the process much easier. We'll also take a peek at Google Scholar and other web tools to find open access peer-reviewed sources.
Audience: Current students, community.  
Monday December 7          6:30pm   Finals Success Event

Blackboard Finals Tips and Tricks
This session will cover some best practices while using Blackboard during finals week. We’ll cover the best technical set-up for taking exams as well as various ways students may be asked to submit assignments or projects in Blackboard.

Audience: Current students.

Tuesday December 1 11:30am
Friday December 4       2:00pm
Tuesday December 8   2:30pm
Friday December 11   11:30am

Test Taking and Study Skills
Join Student Achievement Center and Library staff in learning how to conquer your finals this semester, with some new approaches to studying and test taking. We’ll cover our favorite study methods, how to deal with test anxiety, and the great resources available to you from the S.A.C. and library.  
Audience: prospective and current students, and parents.
Wednesday, December 9  7:00 PM   Finals Success Event

Paper Panic: finding credible sources fast
Is your paper due soon, like really soon, and don’t want it to look like you just grabbed the first sources you saw from Google? Join us to find out how our library databases and resources can help you get to more credible and reliable sources more quickly. Also, find out some simple criteria to use to evaluate the quality of web resources if you do use Google.
Audience: prospective and current students, and parents.

Wednesday December 2  2:00pm
Thursday December 3    11:00am

Monday December 7        6:00pm   Finals Success Event

Get Your Citations in Order
Getting organized with research involves keeping track of all your sources for citing. Regardless of the required style guide, or where you are in the research process, join us to learn about various tools and tips for crafting the best citations.
Audience: Current students, community. 

Tuesday December 8         6:00pm   Finals Success Event
Wednesday December 9    6:00pm   Finals Success Event

Is Your Device Honorlock Ready?

This session will demo the steps required to use the online proctoring application Honorlock. We’ll cover the installation process for the Honorlock browser extension as well as review the verification process to take an online exam.

Audience: current students.

Tuesday December 8         6:30pm    Finals Success Event
Wednesday December 9    6:30pm   Finals Success Event

Real Time, Real Tech.
Drop in anytime during these sessions to ask questions related to research, student technology, and other Digital Backpack Workshop Series topics. Discuss these topics along with fellow students in a respectful space.
Audience: Current students. 

Monday December 7          7:00pm   Finals Success Event
Thursday December 10      7:00pm   Finals Success Event

Formatting Your Paper
This workshop will go over some of the most common questions when formatting papers in Microsoft Word, including how to use headers, page numbers, and more. Join us to learn more about this common tool and get your own questions answered!
Audience: Current students, community. 

Tuesday December 8         7:00pm   Finals Success Event
Thursday December 10      6:00pm   Finals Success Event

Working with Online Presentation Tools
This workshop will explain how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to build, record, and post slideshows. Whether you're doing a traditional slideshow or building a video, come join us to learn the basics of this powerful presentation tool.
Audience: Current students, community. 

Tuesday December 8         7:30pm   Finals Success Event
Thursday December 10      6:30pm   Finals Success Event