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Digital Backpack Workshop Series: Home

Live, Streaming, and Drop in workshops offered by Madison College Librarians and Tutors.

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Summer 2022

Summer 2022 Workshops

Registration is FREE but REQUIRED for planning purposes.
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Online Learning Tools at Madison College: get started
Presenter: Dana Ryals
Taking classes online is a breeze with the tools provided by Madison College.  Join us for a brief overview of how to set up your computer to access and install the virtual desktop, creating and saving online files, and accessing Microsoft 365.  You will leave with a toolbox to help you succeed after the session.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents.

Tuesday 7/5         11:00am
Thursday 7/7          9:00am

Paper Panic: finding credible sources fast
Is your paper due soon, like really soon, and don’t want it to look like you just grabbed the first sources you saw from Google? Join us to find out how our library databases and resources can help you find credible and reliable sources quickly. Also, find out some simple criteria to use to evaluate the quality of web resources if you do use Google.
Audience: Current students
Wednesday 7/6    12:00pm

Tuesday 7/19    2:00pm

Get Your Citations in Order
Presenter: James Castrillo
You’re in the process of writing your paper or you’ve just finished it. Now you need some stellar citations to submit with it. Join us to learn about credible resources to create and check your citations quickly and accurately.
Audience: Current students
Monday July 11       10:00am

Wednesday July 27        2:00pm

Format Microsoft Word for Success ​
Presenter: Mark Luetkehoelter
This workshop will go over some of the most common questions when formatting papers in Microsoft Word, including how to use headers, page numbers, and that all important hanging indent. Don't miss this opportunity to get all your questions answered so your final papers will be picture perfect.
Audience: Current students
Wednesday 7/13    12:00pm

Thursday 7/14        12:00pm

Digital Citizenship: finding your place in the online world
Presenter: Mark Perkins
Join the conversation on how to be safe, smart, and socially responsible in the Digital World. We'll discuss the challenges and opportunities that digital technologies bring to our personal, professional, and social lives.     
Audience: Prospective and current students, faculty, parents, continuing learners

Friday, July 15               12:00pm
Friday, July 22               12:00pm

Open Educational Resources: building equity in education 
Presenter: Rachel Becker

What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and what role do they play in building equity into the educational landscape? OER goes beyond cost savings and provides customizable content which can reflect historically marginalized voices and viewpoints. This presentation will provide a foundation on what OER are, how they are used, and their importance in equity in education. Practical resources and tips for incorporating diverse content will also be provided. 
Audience: Prospective and current students, faculty, parents, continuing learners

Wednesday 7/20        11:00am

Is Your Device Honorlock Ready? ​
Presenter: Erika Linzner
This session will demo the steps required to use the online proctoring application Honorlock. We’ll cover the installation process for the Honorlock browser extension as well as review the verification process to take an online exam.
Audience: prospective and current students, parents.
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