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Technology Resources for Remote Learning: Saving your work

OneDrive - Madison College

OneDrive - Madison College

Free cloud storage for current students, faculty and staff. 

Office 365 app = OneDrive for Business.

Easy to use and 1 TB of storage. 

Access on-campus or off-campus.

FileWay - H Drive / Home Directory Access Off-Campus

While FileWay is an option for students, we strongly recommend using OneDrive for Business.

  • secure, web-based remote file access application
  • students, faculty and staff
  • access files and documents saved on your home directory using a computer browser

Enter your college network login - the same username and password you use for myMadisonCollege. Do not use your email address to login. Do not add the 

Then navigate to your Home Directory (H Drive) My Documents folder.

Tips for Saving your Work

Save early and often

Save - to a USB drive, your Home Directory / H Drive, and/or OneDrive - Madison College or personal cloud storage.

Virtual desktop: To save to your home directory, Use File, “Save as…”, select your home directory (H:) drive and save the file.

Save early - As soon as you start a document, save it.

Save often - Maybe every paragraph or so. 

Check and back up

Check where you are saving - ​Use File-Save As...  Be aware of where you are saving your document so you can find it.

Back up - email a copy to yourself or save in a couple locations. Protect your important data.