Academic Technology Launchpad: Technology Resources for Students

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

Student Computer Help

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As a student, you'll be using many of our college technology resources and systems. Here's a quick overview and some tips for getting started:

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Your Student Network/Computer Account gives you access to many important resources including Blackboard, myMadisonCollege, your Home Directory (H drive), student email, campus computers, and access to the library databases from off-campus.

Keep your username and password secure. Do not share this information.

Remember to log out of any applications and log off computers, especially when using a campus or public shared computer.

Student email

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Your student email account keeps you connected with important information from your instructors, your classes, and the college, 


college logoUse MyMadisonCollege (Full Site) when you want to access your Student Center, register for classes, view your schedule, get unofficial transcripts, pay your tuition, and more. 

Note: Currently Internet Explorer 10+ is not supported for use within myMadisonCollege. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

Get Help! Student Computer Help

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Computer lab assistants and library staff are available to help with your technology and computer related questions.

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If you email or leave a phone message after hours, we will return your call or email as soon as possible during library open hours


blackboard logoOnline courses, hybrid courses, and many face-to-face courses use Blackboard, our online course management system.

Mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Save and Backup

flash drivesBe sure to save your work early and often, and backup your files. We recommend saving to your network drive, also called your H drive or Home Directory, using a USB drive, and sending/saving a copy to your college email account.

Note: Do Not save to the hard drive or desktop of a campus computer. Your work will not be saved.

Print Smart

print smart logoPrint Smart software app helps encourage students to think before you print. Students receive 150 total free B&W prints per semester as a courtesy of the College  = 100 B&W prints or 10 color prints, plus a bonus 50 problem B&W prints or 5 color prints (printer jams, selection errors, or any other unintended printing)

Note: Your semester's starting balance will display as $7.50, or the equivalent of your free print allotment.