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Renee Anhalt

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Renee Anhalt
I grew up in northern Wisconsin enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer.

I received my MA in Library and Information Studies from UW Madison in 2001. I started off working in public libraries in reference and adult services, but always knew my heart belonged in academic libraries. I have been with Madison College since 2006. My areas of specialty are the Health Sciences and the organization of our electronic collections.

I enjoy helping students be successful in reaching their academic goals. Everyone struggles at one point and it’s nice to have some support and guidance.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family.

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Black Lives Matter
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Consumer Health
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Dental Resources
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e-books and Audiobooks
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Equity & Inclusion
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ICW Sites
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Medical Terminology
Last update: Mar 23, 2020 12 views
Last update: Oct 1, 2019 35 views
Last update: Mar 31, 2021 1009 views
Last update: Jan 15, 2020 14 views
Occupational Therapy
Last update: Mar 31, 2021 466 views
Optometric Technician
Last update: Mar 26, 2020 7 views
Physical Therapy
Last update: Mar 31, 2021 57 views
Last update: Jan 27, 2020 4 views
Last update: Feb 21, 2020 16 views
Respiratory Care
Last update: Feb 21, 2020 1 views
Therapeutic Massage
Last update: Sep 2, 2020 60 views
Transcultural Nursing
Last update: Oct 30, 2018 59 views