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Nursing Program - Information Literacy: Getting Started

Library Resources for Nursing Research

Available by clicking on the title of the database below.  If you are accessing the databases from off campus you will get prompted for a username and password.  This username and password is the same that you use to login to Madison College computers, myMadisonCollege, Blackboard, etc..

Library Medical Reference Sources

Need Additional Help?

Websites for Nursing Research

ACRL Information Literacy Competencies for Nurses

consider the source. NIH quote

Library Licensing and Test Prep

Prepare for Nursing Occupational Tests and Nursing School Entrance Exams:  NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, Nursing Assistant, HESI  

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students can evaluate and choose superior sources of health information
  • Students can research and interpret health information in a culturally competent manner
  • Students can articulate why their ability to evaluate information matters

Relevant RN Program Outcomes: 

  • Assess health of individuals, families, and groups within the context of the community.Adapt nursing practice to meet the needs of diverse clients in a variety of settings (Nursing Fundamentals: Core competencies)