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Campus Return and Renewal: Wolfpack Strong: Home

Reconnecting with the College Community in person.
We Are WolfPack Strong!
It is normal to have many mixed emotions and concerns these past months, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Using some helpful tips, good resources, and maximizing services that are available can help you through rocky patches along the way.  Madison College is committed to supporting a strong return to campus for our students. The facts, resources, and ideas that are included in this guide are ways to help you make an easier transition back to your Madison College Campus and keep you going strong.  We're in this together!

Have you experienced or felt any of these?  If so, the good news is, so have many other college students.  It isn't just you.

Lee, J., Solomon, M., Stead, T. et al. Impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of US college students. BMC Psychol 9, 95 (2021).

                            Returning to Campus Safely...

The college is closely following all health guidelines. You can protect yourself by getting a Covid vaccination and wearing a mask.

Be Part of the Solution: Mask Up

Source: University of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Some Tools for Grief

A person can grieve about many things--especially during a pandemic.  Some may have lost a loved one, some might feel the loss of the ability to freely do the things they enjoy, they may miss being with friends, etc.  It's normal.  Here are some links to help you understand, and through, that process.  

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What are you most concerned about coming back to campus?
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Academic Readiness: 0 votes (0%)
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Social Connections: 0 votes (0%)
Stress and Anxiety: 1 votes (20%)
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Total Votes: 5