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Campus Health Help

The Student Health Clinic located at Truax campus is open:

Click here for hours and contact information


Located in the Health Sciences building room 151A, offering health information, referrals, over-the-counter medications, and first aid.

Please call for more information, 441-3320 

Mayo Clinic Expert Answers

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Maintaining your health is more than just eating right, exercising, and seeing a doctor -- it's also keeping yourself informed about your health choices, risks, and options. Use these resources to keep yourself up-to-date or to research health information for yourself or others.


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Please remember that these resources are provided for informational use only and are not a substitute for medical advice. If you have a medical issue, see your doctor, and discuss any information you find in your research with your doctor as well.

Public Health: Madison & Dane County

NY Times Health

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Can't I Just Google It?

Since anyone can publish a web page, not all of the information you find on the Internet will be accurate, reliable, or applicable to your situation. This is as true of health information as anything else. The National Library of Medicine has created a page on evaluating health information on the Internet. If you Google, keep these things in mind. Or, use the links and resources in this research guide to find accurate, reliable health information.