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Transcultural Nursing: Home

Search Tips

- combine terms using "AND" to make your search more specific

  • example: cultural diversity AND nursing

- search as a phrase by putting quotation marks around your search terms. The results will find only items that include your terms next to each other, and in the order you typed them.

  • example:  "multicultural nursing"

- add a truncation symbol to the stem of a word to find variant endings.

  • example: cultur* will yield culture, cultural, culturally

- search for a specific ethnic or cultural group. example:

  • amish and health care and beliefs
  • African American, Vietnamese American, Cherokee Indian, etc.

- consider related terms and combine them to describe your topic. examples:

  • transcultural nursing
  • transcultural medicine
  • transcultural medical care
  • multicultural nursing
  • cultural diversity AND nursing
  • cultural diversity AND health
  • culturally competent care
  • cultural competence
  • cross cultural care
  • cultural sensitivity
  • cultural values
  • health beliefs
  • health behavior
  • health habits
  • intercultural communication
  • minority health
  • ethnic disparities and health
  • global health AND nursing
  • sociocultural AND medical care
  • sociocultural factors AND health

Books / ebooks

Books about a broader topic (example: cancer), may have chapters or sections regarding cultural diversity. Take advantage of the table of contents and the index to find them.

Here is a partial list of books the Madison College Libraries hold in print. Search the Library catalog to find more:

  • Caring for patients from different cultures        
  • Caring for women cross-culturally
  • Cultural diversity in health & illness
  • Culture & nursing care : a pocket guide
  • The healthcare professional's guide to clinical cultural competence
  • Health disparities in the United States : social class, race, ethnicity, and health 
  • Multicultural medicine and health disparities      
  • Pocket guide to cultural health assessment
  • Transcultural caring dynamics in nursing
    and health care
  • Transcultural communication in nursing  
  • Transcultural concepts in nursing care 
  • Transcultural nursing : assessment and intervention
  • Transcultural nursing in the new millennium : concepts, theories, research & practice  

Partial list of Electronic books (ebooks)

Hint: Don't forget that the table of contents and the index can help you find where your specific topic is located, in a particular ebook. 

Transcultural Nursing Definition

"A field of nursing, founded by Madeleine Leininger, in which the nurse transcends ethnocentricity and practices nursing in other cultural environments. Because current nursing process and theory are not culturally bound and the needs of each person are considered individually, transcultural nursing is a part of all nursing practice."

Transcultural nursing. (2009). In Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions. Retrieved from 

Online Journal Articles

Using the keywords suggested in the "Search Tips" section of this guide, search the Madison College Libraries' databases to find many articles on transcultural nursing.

Or browse a few of the journals indexed in our databases below:

Films on Demand

 Access the videos through the link on the Library home page or the link below. If viewing off-campus, just enter your username and password when prompted.