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Political Science: Comparative Politics & International Relations

Image: Banner image of composite photos of national flags and world leaders

Library Resources - Comparative Politics

Library Resources - Comparative Politics & Int'l Relations

Putin's Revenge: Frontline

Screenshot from video on Putin's Revenge


Wired: Gaming, Hacking, and Cyber Assaults in Korea (2012)

Image: Links to video about Gaming and Hacking


Syrian Diaries: Women of the Uprising

Image: Links to video "Syrian Diaries"


Kenya: Inside Out (2018)

Image: Links to video on Kenya


Chaos in Iraq - Bill Moyers

Image: Links to video on Chaos in Iraq from 2014


Boko Haram - Origins of Evil

Image: Links to video on Boko Haram

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Call Number: 709.2 AI288 DVD

Image: Cover shot, Ai Weiwei Never Sorry DVD

This is a documentary that chronicles artist and activist Ai Weiwei as he prepares for a series of exhibitions and gets into an increasing number of clashes with the Chinese government.

Khodorkovskii : how the richest man in Russia became its most famous prisoner

Call Number: 320.947 K45 DVD

Image: DVD cover, Khodorkovsky

In October 2003, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former head of the Russian oil company Yukos, was arrested on charges of tax evasion and fraud. This documentary uncovers the story behind his arrest and subsequent conviction, the story of a man who has transformed from the wealthiest man in Russia into a martyr for the cause of political freedom and rule of law.

Cocalero: (Bolivia & Politics)

Call Number: 984.052 C659 DVD

Image: DVD cover for Cocalero

Born out of the U.S. war on drugs, an Aymara Indian nemed Evo Morales - backed by a troop of coca leaf farners - travels through the Andes and Amazon in jeans and sneakers, leading a historic bid to become Bolivia's first Indiginous president. The filmmakers, granted astonishing up close and personal access to Evo, capture the intimate moments of this controversial figure and his triumphant rise to power. A story of geopolitics, people's movements, indiginous culture, and one man's impressive determination, Cocalero is a "luminous portrait of working people in a rare triumph against U.S. imperialism."

We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks 

Call Number: 352.379 W361 DVD

Image: DVD cover for 'We Steal Secrets'

Details the creation of the WikiLeaks website by Julian Assange, which facilitated the largest security breach in United States history.

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