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Political Science: American National Government

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American National Government: Library Materials

Mueller Investigation: Frontline (PBS)

Image: Links to Frontline video on Mueller Report

President Trump's Remarks at the National Rifle Association Meeting

Image: screenshot from video

Full Speech - Trump on Border Emergency

Image: Links to Trump on border emergency


Image: Links to video on the midterms

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Moyers & Company: The Dog Whistle Politics of Race

Image: Screenshot from Dogwhistle Politics of Race

Women in Politics: Women Who Make America

Image: Links to video Women in Politics

Elections and Political Parties

Image: Links to video Elections and Political Parties

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16 Acres DVD cover

16 Acres. 1 videodisc (92 min.), 2014. Call Number: 973.931 SI625 DVD

The Unknown Known DVD cover

The Unknown Known. 1 videodisc (103 minutes), 2014. Call Number: 352.293092 U58 DVD

Clinton American Experience DVD cover

Clinton, American Experience. 2 videodiscs, 4 hrs, 2012. Call Number: 973.929092 C641 DVD

The War Room DVD  cover

The War Room. 1 videodisc, 96 minutes. 2012. Call Number: 324.72 W253 DVD

What's the Matter with Kansas? DVD cover

What's the Matter with Kansas? 1 videodisc, 90 minutes. 2011. Call Number: 978.1033 W555 DVD

The Billionaires' Tea Party DVD cover

The Billionaires' Tea Party: How Corporate America is Faking a Grassroots Revolution. 1 videodisc, 56 min. 2011. Call Number: 322.3 B598 DVD

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Websites for U.S. Politics

***Cartoons are included for educational purposes only*** They do not represent the views of Madison College Libraries or the guide author.

Image: Shows Trump spelling out the letters for the word 'RACIST' with his arms, legs and body

Image: Shows Uncle Sam watching Democratic debates wanting more discussion of the issues

Image: Shows Trump performing at 'Wallapalooza', rehashing all his 2016 campaign rants

Image: Shows Dems in a car on a road trip asking 'Are you there yet' of Nancy Pelosi to get her to start impeachment proceedings

Image: Shows Mitch McConnell welcoming Russian election interference

Political cartoon: Shows Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, counting only white residents in a critique of his citizenship question on the 2020 Census

Political cartoons: Changing GOP feelings on Russia from 1968 to 2019

Political cartoon: Shows GOP lawmaker inside a women's uterus.

Political cartoon: Poking fun at Trump's claims of transparency

Political cartoon - Critique of Biden's priorities

Political cartoon: a critique of Joe Biden's changing issue stances

Political cartoon on 'Snowflakes'

Image: Cartoon of Trump as the wicked witch while flying monkeys discuss the crazy things he'll ask of them

Image: Political cartoon showing divided Democratic agendas in how to react to Trump

Image: All the horde of Democratic candidates

Image: Political cartoon about Trump's mountain of lies

Image: Attorney General Barr on Mueller Report

Quote of cartoon: "I didn't need to do was just faster." Cartoon has Trump on 5th Avenue just having shot both Congress and the Constitution

Image: Shows a car with all the Democrats bumper stickers who are running in 2020 for President

News Magazines - Politics & Government

Washington Players

Image: Logo for Toronto Start fact check page