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Political Science: American Foreign Policy

Image: Banner composite of images from periods of U.S. Foreign policy history

Library Resources: American Foreign Policy

Purgatorio : a journey into the heart of the border

Call Number: 327.73072 P985 DVD

Image: DVD cover for 'Purgatorio'

Dirty Wars

Call Number: 355.00973 SC278 DVD

Image: DVD cover for 'Dirty Wars'

The Tillman Story

Call Number: 355.0092 T577 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD cover for 'The Tillman Story'

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

Call Number: 956.70443 U54 DVD

Image: DVD Cover for 'Uncovered'

My trip to al-Qaeda: Behind the Scenes of the War on Terror

Call Number: 973.931 M995 DVD

Image: Dvd cover for 'My Trip to Al-Qaeda'

American Umpire

Image: Links to video American Umpire


Are Drones Destroying Our Democracy?

Image: Links to video on drones and democracy


To Conquer or Redeem: Manifest Destiny

Image: Links to video on Manifest Destiny


War on Terror: An Unseen Enemy

Image: Links to video

Country Information: Websites

Websites: Governmental Information, American Foreign Policy

Organizations: Non-Governmental

Political Cartoons - American Foreign Policy

***Cartoons a provided for educational purposes only***

Image: Trump campaign button with the pin impaling a Kurdish fighter


Trump tweeting that we shouldn't worry...tensions with Iran are in his hands