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Print Smart: Printing at Madison College: Print Smart PC Guide

Learn all about printing at Madison College. Also includes tips and tricks to print smart, utilize less paper and make the most of the resources available to you.

Print Smart PC Guide

The Printing Balance Window

After logging into any campus computer, you should see a small Print Smart balance window appear on the top right-hand corner of your desktop.

print smart balance window showing $4.95 balance

If the balance window is not visible (or if you have closed or minimized it) click the icon in your system tray to make it reappear on your desktop again.

screenshot showing papercut icon in the computer's desktop tray




Popup Confirmation Dialog

After sending a print job a popup dialog will appear and ask you to confirm the details. Click Print to confirm the job and agree to the cost. Otherwise, click Cancel if you no longer wish to print the job.

PrintSmart confirmation box

NOTELarge documents might take a while to display the number of pages and cost.


Resolving Problems

If the popup window does not appear or the icon is missing from your system tray, the print control system may not be active and printing will be denied. Please try restarting your system. If a restart does not resolve the problem, contact the Student Computer Help Desk for assistance.