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Print Smart: Printing at Madison College: Printing FAQ

Learn all about printing at Madison College. Also includes tips and tricks to print smart, utilize less paper and make the most of the resources available to you at Madison College.

Semester Allotment Distribution

printsmart logoStudent printing allotments will be recharged with $7.50 prior to the start of the semester. In addition, any monies students personally added by credit/debit or pre-paid cards will roll over. 

Students can see their account information by logging into their print account using the "Details" link on the Print Smart popup on all campus computers. 

Print allotments will be applied about 1 week before the semester starts.

Click question to expand and read answer:

plus sign;What is PaperCut?


plus sign;How many free prints do I get per semester?


plus sign;How much does it cost to print?


plus sign;How can I look up how much money I have left on my printing account?


plus sign;How do I re-open my balance window if I accidentally close it?


plus sign;What will I see when I go to print?


plus sign;When am I charged for my print job?


plus sign;What happens if I need to print more and I've run out of money?


plus sign;How do I add money to my account?


plus sign;What is a prepaid print card and how do I use one?


plus sign;Where can I buy a prepaid card?


plus sign;If I lose my prepaid card will I be reimbursed?


plus sign;Can I add money to my print account from home?


plus sign;Can I use the money on my OneCard to pay for prints?


plus sign;What happens if I don't use all my "free" prints?  Will they roll over?


plus sign;Will I be able to print between semesters?


plus sign;What if I just registered/ applied to be a student?  Can I print right away?


plus sign;How many pages can I print at a time?


plus sign;What happens if I don't have enough money in my account but I print anyway?


plus sign;What happens if I accidentally click "print" twice?


plus sign;What if the printer jams?  Will I get reimbursed?


plus sign;What about double-sided printing?


plus sign;Do I have to pay for scans?


plus sign;How do I print from a Mac?


plus sign;How can I reduce how much I print?


plus sign;Will my printing be monitored?


plus sign;What if I am not a student at Madison College? Will I be able to print?


plus sign;Can I print from my personal laptop or device to campus printers?


plus sign;Who can I contact with questions?


PrintSmart logo

Reducing the amount of paper is part of the College’s ongoing efforts to have a more environmentally friendly and greener campus. Also, as a not-for-profit, taxpayer supported institution, the College is committed to recovering costs wherever possible.

Madison College students are Real World Smart and that includes being good stewards of the Earth. That is why we are introducing Print Smart, a series of efforts that will encourage smart and responsible printing by students throughout the District. Our goal is to decrease printing by 40% or more over the next year.

In 2012, students roughly printed 7,400,000 sheets which is the equivalent of:

  • 92 trees
  • 33,254 kg of CO2
  • 2,093,728 hours running a 60W bulb
  • Almost half of all student printing is done in our libraries throughout the District

Scanners for student academic use

  • Truax Library
  • Truax Student Achievement Centerscanner 
  • Fort Atkinson Student Achievement Center
  • Reedsburg Student Achievement Center
  • Watertown Student Achievement Center
  • South Library (portable scanning devices)

Some other college labs may have scanners also

Quick Scan to email Station - Truax Library

Help us figure this out. Feedback from the students is critical to making certain all is going well. Fill out the short form if you run into trouble or have questions. We appreciate your participation.  Thanks!