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Print Smart: College-loaned laptops

Learn about printing at Madison College

Print from College-Loaned Windows Laptops

Print wirelessly from a College-Loaned Windows Laptop

Available on-campus at all Libraries and Student Achievement Centers from Windows laptops loaned through the Technology Access Program

*Note: If you have a specialized laptop for a specific program (interior design, architecture, etc.), the MCPrintAnywhere queue should already show up on your printer list. Skip ahead to Send and Release your Print Job.


1. Click the green Sign in to install on the PaperCut Print Deploy Client window that pops up. If the window does not pop up, click on the green print deploy icon in the system tray and choose View my printers to launch the window. 

View my printers

Print Deploy Client












2. Sign in with your Madison College username and password. Your username is the first part of your Madison College email address before the @ symbol.

Log in window PaperCut

3. The MCPrintAnywhere mobility print queue will appear. Minimize or close the print deploy window. You are all set up to send print jobs on this device to our Libraries and SACs and will not need to work through steps 1-3 in the future on this device.

logged in to print smart window

Send and Release your Print Job from a College-Loaned Windows Laptop

1. Connect to MC-Secure wireless on campus

2. From your computer, send your print job to the MCPrintAnywhere mobility print queue. Remember to adjust other print preferences such as number of copies, color/black and white, etc. as needed. You will not see a print confirmation window. Jobs will be held in the mobility print queue, awaiting release, for approx. 4 hours after they are sent.


2. At the printer, swipe your OneCard OR enter your username and password to sign in.printsmart log in screen

3. At the printer, select the job(s) to print or choose 'Select all jobs' to print all listed jobs. Print your jobs. The cost will be listed when you select the job(s) to print and will automatically deduct from your PrintSmart account. Remember to log out if you are finished using the device.

print release screen

Printing from College-loaned MacBooks

Print from a College-loaned MacBook

1. Connect to MC-Secure wireless

2. Locate the Madison College Self Service application in the dock on the far-left or Open Finder and choose the /Applications folder

mac self service

3. Search for printers to add and PaperCut app and choose Install

4. Print your document. It should automatically deduct from your PrintSmart account