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Print Smart: File Saving Options

Learn about printing at Madison College


OneDrive - Madison Collegeonedrive logo

OneDrive is part of Microsoft 365 and provides cloud storage space for your files.

Your college account is a OneDrive for work or school account.

If you choose to, you can also share a file or collaborate with others at the College.

  • Easy to use
  • Access on-campus or off-campus 
  • Ample storage space - 1 TB of space in the cloud with your College OneDrive 
  • Secure - Your files are private unless you choose to share them with others at the college
  • Transferable skill - Many workplaces use OneDrive and you could also choose to have a personal OneDrive account

Access OneDrive

M365 waffle menu

  • Microsoft 365 Desktop Apps - Access OneDrive through desktop Microsoft 365 apps such as Word or Excel.
  • Office for the web - Access OneDrive by logging into an online Office app such as Word online. 
  • - Sign into the OneDrive website with your Madison College email address. If prompted, choose "Work or School Account"

Saving to OneDrive

Using an Office program, choose File - Save As, and you may see the option to save to your OneDrive - Madison College. You may also have a personal OneDrive account option, or you could choose This PC to save to a USB drive or other storage location. You may also set up automatic syncing and AutoSave to OneDrive.

onedrive - Madison College

Upload to OneDrive

You can upload many file types and even folders

Saving Tips

It's a good idea to save early, save often as you're working, and save your important files in a couple places such as a USB drive, email, a personal computer, cloud or other storage location. 

OneDrive for work or school has a recycle bin so if you accidentally delete a file, you may be able to restore it. Items are periodically deleted from the recycle bin. 

How to add a OneDrive file to Blackboard

Former students not currently enrolled at Madison College  

When you graduate or are no longer enrolled at MATC, you can copy your files to another storage location such as a personal OneDrive account or another storage location. 

If you don't see the option to access OneDrive - Madison College, contact Student Technology Help

Student H Drive

Madison College provides all students with their own storage space on the network, referred to as the home directory, or H Drive. The H Drive: 

  • Access your files online, both on or off campus. On campus, the drive is available by under 'This PC' in your File Explorer and then selecting the H: drive with your username. Off campus, your H Drive is accessible by using FileWay.
  • Helps prevent loss of data if the computer you are working on crashes or has a hard disk failure. 
  • Provides added security: Students may use the H Drive to back up data. The files do not get erased until you choose to do so; they are stored on a server, not the local computer you are working on. No one but you can gain access to your files. 
  • Provides students with 150 MB storage. 

Google Docs

Google Docs logo

Google Docs is a free resource that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations that are stored online and always available.

Google Docs is a great way to organize research, notes, class documents and group projects. You can even download the files to your computer in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file format. 



PrintFriendly is an online service that allows you to take the text from any site and create a printer-friendly version. Copy and paste the URL from the page you'd like to print, and PrintFriendly produces a simple text and images version. It also makes it easy to delete ads or images you would not like to print.

One Note

OneNote logo

OneNote allows you to take notes and save them for later- no need to print! The library's computers provide access to OneNote to students. In a document or on a website, navigate to print as usual, but choose "Send to OneNote" under the printer option. The program allows you to save text, images and other content and save the file for later. 


zotero logo

Zotero is a free tool that helps you gather and organize your research. You can capture article information from the internet, organize articles into collections and create bibliographies.

Zotero is useful for students who like to keep their research organized in one place both during and after their time at Madison College, and is helpful for larger research projects.