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Student Mental Health

Mental Health resources for students, both on and off campus.


Researching a mental health related topic for a class paper or project? Your librarians are here to help!  The following resources provide some great places to locate credible sources.  Stop in at your campus library or schedule an appointment with a librarian for more assistance. 


The Madison College Libraries provide a selection of credible databases for student research, available HERE

If accessing the databases from off campus, users will be asked to log in with their Madison College username and password. 

Specific databases to try include:

Academic Search Complete 


Opposing Viewpoints

Streaming FIlms

In addition to article databases, The Madison College Libraries provide the following streaming film databases: 

Kanopy logo


Kanopy allows you to stream modern documentary films in a variety of subjects and disciplines using your web browser. From off-campus, your Madison College username and password will be required before you can browse. Click HERE to start searching. 

Highlighted films available via Kanopy:

Going Sane: The State of Mental Health Care in America


Films On Demand logo

Films On Demand [FOD] is an online collection of high quality, educational videos made accessible to the faculty, staff and students at Madison College.  From off-campus, your Madison College username and password will be required before you can watch films. 
Click HERE to search the database. 

Highlighted films available via Films on Demand: 

Feel Good: Natural Remedies for Depression

Battling Eating Disorders


The Happiness Lab Podcast Logo

The Happiness Lab 

Hosted by Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, this podcast discusses psychology and the study of happiness, including some of the latest research. 

The Hidden Brain Podcast Logo

Hidden Brain: NPR

Host Shankar Vedantam narrates this podcast from NPR, which covers a variety of psychology-related topics including work, identity, development, social media, and more. 

Selected Articles

College Students and Mental Health

Demand for college peer counselors is booming. But training only goes so far (NPR, 2/12/22)

As Students Struggle With Stress and Depression, Colleges Act As Counselors (New York Times, 2/21/19)

Colleges Expand Their Reach to Address Mental Health Issues (New York Times, 2/21/19)

The Most Popular Office On Campus (The Atlantic, 10/19/16)

Anxiety 'Epidemic' Brewing On College Campuses, Researchers Find (Berkeley News, 4/18/19)


Researchers Discover 'Anxiety Cells' In The Brain (NPR, 1/13/18)


Dane County Youth Assessment provides a study of Dane County youth in grades 7-12 and includes data on mental health topics. Updated in 2021. 

Student Mental Health: The Role and Experiences of Academics (King's College London/University of Derby, 2018)

Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health (NAMI, 2016)

Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Lifelong Consequences of Trauma (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2014)

Madison College Libraries Catalog

Check out the Madison College Libraries Catalog for a variety of credible sources including articles, books, e-books, streaming films and more. Start by doing a keyword search in the box below. 


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