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Student Mental Health

Mental Health resources for students, both on and off campus.
Student Mental Health Research Guide: Graphic Banner
Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Chezbeate
Mental Health Resources
for Diverse Populations






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            Image: Wolfie

Return to Campus:
Wolf Pack Strong

Check out our excellent LibGuide
for helpful tips regarding returning
to campus during this stressful time. 


           Infographic: Minority Mental Health
Infographic created by Sugarlandsara


Mental Health Matters



Mental Health Matters is a Madison College campaign which aims to help students learn more about taking care of their own mental health. The content is being released weekly to all current students, and is being shared via email. View the weekly lessons here

Mental Health Matters Graphic: Learn 



The campaign will share lessons on practices you
can adopt to elevate your mood, become more
resilient, and enjoy life more.

Mental Health Matters Graphic: Practice


We will ask you to put those lessons into practice
through regular activity challenges. Participation
will not only help you build your mental health
wellness, but could also earn you prizes.

Mental Health Matters Graphic



Finally, look for our Mental Health Matters
event series
where experts share tips,
techniques, and stories you can use and practice.

Mental Health Matters Graphic



We will also regularly share resources to
help you explore mental health tools
and practices in more depth.

If you ever need to talk to someone about your own mental health, the Madison College Counseling office is here to help. Access them through the Navigate app to set up an appointment or call 608-246-6076.