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Student Mental Health

Mental Health resources for students, both on and off campus.

College can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life.  Having a few strategies to manage and release stress is crucial to maintaining the balance we need.  The resources on this page are provided as inspirationto help you build your own stress management strategy. 

Physical Activity

Exercise can be an amazing way to release built-up stress. 
Even a few minutes can make a big difference. 

Check out Yoga With Adriene for more free videos.

Madison College offers numerous opportunities to help you in your health and wellness journey:

Therapuetic Massage Clinic 

Fitness Center

Group Fitness Classes

See the college's Health and Wellness page for more information. 


Bookmark some comics or videos you can return to and take your mind off of stressful things.
Do you have a favorite show that brings you comfort? 

Comic by Sarah Andersen


Comic by Sarah Andersen

Check out Go Comics for more. 

Psychology Today: Why Rewatching TV Shows Feels So Good


Reaching Out

Find community that can help support you in tough times. 


Madison College Student Life offers many different activities for students through the year.
If you're at the Truax campus, Student Life is centrally located adjacent to the campus bookstore. 

At our other campuses, ask our welcome center staff how students can get involved in Student Life Activities. 

See the following links for more information: 

Student Clubs and Organizations

Programs & Activites Council


You Are Enough With Rainbow

Illustration by Little Earthlings


Meditation and Mindfulness

The Great Courses: Practicing Mindfulness Image

Madison College Libraries subscribes to the database Kanopy, which gives
our students access to documentary series such as
The Great Courses: Practicing Mindfulness.
The series has 24 videos. If accessing from off campus, students will be
asked to log in with their Madison College username and password. 

Click here to see other materials on the subject available via Madison College Libraries. 


Find books, DVDs, streaming media, and ebooks in the Madison College Libraries catalog

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Click here to check out our e-books and learn more about using them.