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Print Smart: Printing at Madison College: Printing Tips

Learn all about printing at Madison College. Also includes tips and tricks to print smart, utilize less paper and make the most of the resources available to you at Madison College.

Why Conserve Paper?


1. It's obvious, but paper comes from trees. Those trees need to be grown, harvested and processed in order to become paper. Each step in the process uses resources which impact our environment. If each person used less paper by printing more wisely, we could reduce our collective carbon footprint. 

2. It is often not necessary to print! How often in the past have you printed out an email, driving directions, a recipe or other information to use it briefly and then throw it away or recycle it later that same day? If we can think of ways to avoid printing in the first place by using the tools at our disposal, we can reduce the costs associated with so much needless printing. 

3. It's one way to simplify your life. Think about it: printing creates paperwork that needs to be organized- and that paper often creates clutter. By streamlining and accessing the information on your computer or mobile device, you simplify your own systems of organizing your information, thereby reducing clutter and creating more time for other things. 

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How to Conserve Paper

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Conserve Paper by Printing Smart

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As students, it can be hard managing so much information: reading assignments, Power Point presentations, handouts, and more. We ask that all students do their best to reduce the amount of printing they do for coursework. The library has assembled this guide with a few tips and tricks to help you conserve paper and reduce your carbon footprint.

Utilize print preview: Be sure you only print what you need by using print preview. Select only the pages you want to print, and avoid printing any blank pages at the end of the document. Printing from Microsoft Word? Scroll to the end of your document and make sure to delete any blank pages that appear after the end of your text. 

Print only the pages you need: If you need a copy of a section of a document, choose to print the page range that you need. 

Use caution when printing from PowerPoint: When printing PowerPoint slides, print multiple slides per page (3, 4 or 6) rather than one slide per page. This will also serve to reduce the amount of paper you have to carry around with you everywhere. 

Think more carefully about your needs: Rather than printing the PowerPoint slides for each class session, read through the slides ahead of class time and evaluate if you really need to print them. Can you take notes on a laptop or in a notebook and just refer to the PowerPoint presentation on your computer screen? 

Decrease font size: Try decreasing the font size of your document to fit more content onto fewer pages. 

Decrease margin size: Decrease the size of the margins to fit more text onto each page. 

Reduce the number of copies that you print: Print only as many copies as you need. When working in a group, is it possible for the group to share handouts? 

Printing from the web? Look for a printer-friendly option which may only display the text. Or, copy and paste the content you need into a Microsoft Word Document or Google Doc. 

Do you just need to save the information for later? If you don't need a hard copy, try copying and saving the information to a Microsoft Word Doc and saving it to your H Drive or a portable flash drive. 

Where are you sending the print job? Know which printer your document is going to BEFORE you print. Don't see your document? Check other nearby printers. 

Be patient: If your document doesn't show up right away, wait a minute to confirm it didn't go through before printing again. 

Ask for help if you're having trouble printing. You may not realize you're printing blank pages or there may be a formatting error with your document. 


PowerPoint: Multiple Slides Per Page

screenshot showing how to print multiple slides per page

Printing multiple slides per page in PowerPoint

1. Select "File" then "Print"

2. Under "Settings" select "Print All Slides," "Print Current Slide" or "Print Custom Range," depending on your needs

3. Where it says "Full Page Slides," click the down arrow to select 3, 4 or 6 slides per page. Printing 3 slides per page will provide space for notes. 

Excel Printing Tips

Tips for printing in Excel

Screenshot showing various printing options in excel

1. Select "File" then "Print"

2. Under "Settings," choose "Print Active Sheets," "Print Entire Workbook" or "Print Selection"

   -Printing the active sheet prints the sheet you are currently working on. 

   -Printing the entire workbook prints all of the data contained in the Excel document.

   -Printing a selection prints the cells that are currently selected. 

Another option is to "Set Print Area" first: 

1. In the document, select the cells you would like to print by using the cursor to draw a box around them. 

2. Under the "Page Layout" tab, select "Print Area" and then "Set Print Area"

3. Select "File" then "Print" as usual. The cells you have selected will be the only content that prints. 

Screenshot of 'print area' button in excel

PDFs: Multiple Pages Per Sheet

Screenshot showing how to print multiple slides per page in a PDF

Printing multiple pages per sheet with PDFs

1. Select "File" then "Print"

2. Under "Page Sizing & Handling" select "Multiple"

3. Under "Pages per sheet" enter how many pages you want to display per sheet.  Use the preview to the right.

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