Linking to Library Resources

Library services and resources that may be helpful for instructors.

Library Links in Blackboard

How To Add Links to Blackboard
  • Add as URL= recommended
  • Add links to content areas = another option
  • Add citation information for articles – so if there’s an issue, librarians can help students access the library link
  • Add a link to Reference and Research Help somewhere in your course, so if student have questions about accessing a library link, librarians can help them

Top Library Links

1.      Your Library instructor image

2.      Reference and Research Help

3.      Research Guides  for your course: see list

4.      Student Computer Help 

5.      Databases publication, or article links

  • You can create reusable, stable links to library databases, articles, videos, or publications. These are sometimes called permalinks or persistent links. 
  • How you do this depends on which database it is, but it Usually is Not the link in the browser address bar
  • Help and Instructions:

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