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Study Skills: Home


Building Strong Study Skills

This guide is provided to help you establish your own strategies for doing your best in college. Coming up with set routines, times and places to study and methods for dealing with life's stresses will help you get through each semester successfully. 

Textbook and notes

Image courtesy of Amy via Creative Commons License. 

Learning Express

Learning Express Library logo

Learning Express is a database provided to Madison College students as part of our library services. This database is a powerhouse, providing techical skillbuilding, career guidance, math and writing support, test prep and much more. 

Check out LearningExpress Library!

Some of the resources include: 

  • Basic computer and internet use
  • Math, reading and writing for adult learners
  • Career prep
  • Prep for allied health and nursing school tests (including the TEAS test)
  • Popular software including MS Office programs
  • Resources in Spanish

Learning Styles

How do you learn? 

Everyone processes information in their own way. Understanding how you learn best can help you maximize your time in school- and in life! Knowing more about how you learn can help you become a better student and increase your confidence. There are many different theories on learning styles, one of which divides learners into four categores: visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic. Check out the links below for more information and quizzes which will help you determine what your learning style is

eyes with glasses



ear diagram



Reading sign


Image Courtesy of Ben Ward

Lab Experiment


Student Preferences

How Do you Best Learn
Watching: 46 votes (13.14%)
Listening: 15 votes (4.29%)
Reading: 28 votes (8%)
Doing: 110 votes (31.43%)
All of the above: 151 votes (43.14%)
Total Votes: 350

Search Kanopy

Check out our new database, Kanopy! Stream modern documentary films in a variety of subjects and disciplines using your web browser. Madison College username and password will be required before you can browse. 

Films on Demand

Films on Demand logo

Our Films on Demand database includes many useful full-length documentary films for use by our students. 

Off campus, you'll need to enter your Madison College username and password to log in. 

Browse Films on Demand videos