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Study Skills: Time Management

Calendar Tools



Using an effective calendar can really help you be more successful. 

Use your favorite calendar to:

  • Keep track of due dates
  • Organize yourself through semester-long or large assignments like research papers
  • Set up regular weekly study sessions in the library or with a group
  • Encourage yourself by seeing how many weeks are left in the semester (the end is near!)

Wasting Too Much Time Online?

Wall clock

School, work, family, and other responsibilities. How do you manage it all? Do you keep a calendar, notebook, to-do lists? How is your time scheduled? 

Creating an effective time management strategy is one of the best things you can do to get through college. Check out the links below for ideas on how to get started. 

The Pomodoro Method


Have you heard of The Pomodoro Technique®?

This unique time management technique asks you to break your work into 25 minute chunks. By focusing more directly on one specific task for 25 minutes, rather than multi-tasking or allowing yourself to get distracted by other things, proponents of this technique say it allows them to accomplish more by planning breaks and separating working time into smaller segments. 

Why "Pomodoro"? Italian for Tomato, the creator named the technique after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work while he was in college.