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Rachel Becker

Copyright & Open Educational Resources Librarian
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Rachel Becker
Pronouns: she/her/hers
I grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin. I did the farm stuff and competed in horse events in high school.

Like many I've had a winding educational journey starting out at Madison College before transferring to UW-Madison. I often had a difficult time in classes and felt like graduation might never happen. After taking advantage of tutoring and library services, I received a Bachelor's in History and Political Science. After working for a bit I returned to Madison College to get a Paralegal degree. During this time I met many now lifelong friends (including my husband!) and expanded my passion for libraries. After graduation, I was accepted into UW-Madison's Master's program for Library and Information Studies. Since receiving my Master's degree I've worked for several academic libraries advocating for college affordability and Open Educatonal Resources.

Outside of libraries, I enjoy working with my horse Brego, hanging out with my cats Babs and Belle, and watching too much TV.

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