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Why Write a Business Plan?

Why Write a Business Plan?

A solid business plan will help you secure partnerships and funding for your business and attract investors. Its also a great way to layout the details and organize your strategy before investing time and money. Much like a resume, a business plan is the first step to building your business.

Write a great business plan using these key components from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)  

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Sample Business Plans

Sample Business Plans

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How to Start Your Research

Think about these questions as you start your business plan:

  • Is the product new to the market?  If so, is it similar to any existing products or industries that can be researched to show market potential?
  • Is the product similar to an existing product?  If so, can data about the existing product be found to show the potential of the new product?
  • Who will be interested in the product?
  • How will you reach consumers? 

Thinking about these questions, both before and while you are searching, will keep you focused on a good result.

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