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Writing for the Web: Writing for the Web

This guide provides information on effectively creating and managing useable content for websites

Writing for the Web

    Writing for the WebWriting for the Web  

Are you writing a web page, blog or other online post? Research shows most people usually just scan online than read in-depth. So with that in mind...

  • Use an inverted pyramid style with the most important information at the top
  • Be concise, eliminate unecessary words, and avoid large blocks of text
  • If you have a lot of information to get across, break it up into manageble sections with headings
  • Use bullet points for lists
  • Make use of white space on the page to make it easier to scan
  • Try not to use more than a couple different fonts on a page, and use font styles that are easy to read
  • Politeness matters -- think about online etiquette (netiquette) as you write
  • Use a tool like the Readability Test Tool to see how readable your page is

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