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New Students: Welcome to Madison College!

Are you a new student at Madison College? Check out this list to get enrolled in classes and ready to go.


        Image: Welcome New Students

                               Image: Getting Started at Madison College with Wolfie Logo

Image: Number OneCreate Your Student Account
Your student account grants you access to all of the college systems you will need, including student email, BlackBoard, My Madison College, and Navigate. If you have an account, but you need help finding your username or password, see this page



Image: Number 2Register for a Placement Test

If you do not have ACT scores or a high school GPA that is less than 5 years old, you will need to complete the Madison College Placement exam. The library provides free test prep materials, including books and e-books as well as practice tests in our Learning Express library database (Madison College username and password required for database access). 


Image: Number 3Apply for Admission

Check out the online admission checklist to learn how to apply to a program or certificate at Madison College. You can also learn more about our programs here


Image: Number 4
Register for Classes

See this page to learn more about registration dates, and how to choose classes. Taking non-degree classes? check out the School of Professional and Continuing Education to search for classes. See the college's Registration Calendar to find out when you can register. 



Image: The Number 5Order Your Books

The Madison College Bookstore has everything you need! Many textbooks are included in our rental program. Some students are able to use Financial Aid Book Charge to pay for books and supplies through the Madison College Bookstore. 

Helpful Places on Campus

Madison College Libraries 
*Get help from library staff, use a computer, printer or scanner, book a group study room, find a peaceful place to work on campus. 

Book a Librarian
*Book a 30-minute appointment with a librarian for research help. 

Book a TechXpert
*Book a 30-minute appointment with a librarian for technology assistance. 

Student Achievement Center
*Meet with a tutor, study with a group, find the academic support you need.

Campus Locations

Contact Madison College


Disability Resource Services

Financial Aid

Madison College Bookstore

Registration Guides

Student Support Services


Technology Access Program
*Request a laptop or hotspot for at-home use during the semester. Available to currently enrolled students. 

Veteran Services

                               Image: Getting Started with College Technology

Image: Number OneKnow Your Student Account Details

After creating your student account, you will have a username and password. These allow you to access all of the college systems you'll need to use, including student emailBlackBoardMy Madison College, and Navigate. Save your username and password in a secure location and do not share it with anyone. If you use a password manager, you can save your login details there for quicker access. Remember that when logging in to Madison College systems, you will need to enter your username in the form of an email address. Example:

Image: Number 2Set up Multi Factor Authentication

In order to log in to any college systems off-campus, you need to set up MFA- you can do this with your smartphone. You can use an app, or receive a text to verify your identity. If you don't have access to a smartphone, you can use a landline and receive a call. You'll have to verify your identity each time you log in from off-campus. This helps keep your information secure and private. 

Image: Number 3Log into Wi-Fi

Use our on-campus wi-fi! Connect to "MC-Secure" using your student account username and password. Full directions on connecting to Wi-Fi can be found here. We recomend using MC-Secure on campus, although there is a guest network also available. 

Image: Number 4Learn Your Tools

Check out the library's Student Technology Hub to learn about student emailBlackBoardMy Madison College, and more. Please note that student email is activated after enrolling in a class or program. You can also take one of our free workshops to brush up on some skills. 


Image: The Number 5Get Help!

If you need a walk-through of how to get started with technology, please book a Tech-Xpert appointment. This 30 minute appointment will be with a librarian who can assist you in understanding the college systems you'll need to use, as well as any computer basics you might be wondering about. 

Image: Number 6Borrow Equipment

If you do not have a computer or reliable internet access of your own, Madison College is able to lend some students the technology they need to learn remotely. Currently enrolled students are able to request a laptop and/or wifi hotspot to use.


Quick Links

*View your class information including syllabus, instructor contact information, assignments and more. BlackBoard is also used for online and online live classes. Please note that not all instructors/classes use BlackBoard. 

My Madison College 
*Register for classes, view your academic record and current schedule, see your financial aid and/or bill, view to-do list items. 

*Schedule appointments with college staff, connect with other students, and communicate with advisors and faculty. 

*Access your Madison College cloud storage from anywhere. Please note that files saved to the H Drive are not in One Drive. 

Student Email 
*Access your student email anywhere. Important: new students must be registered in a class or accepted into a program of study in order to have an active email account with Madison College. 

Wolfpack Connect 
*Connect with other students and learn about campus events via this free app.