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Instructor Support

Library services and resources that may be helpful for instructors.

Linking to library resources

computerReusable, stable links can be created to a particular article or publication in many of our Madison College library databases. These links can then be added to a Blackboard course, webpage, library electronic reserves, or email. Linking to articles in library databases also has the advantages of being copyright compliant and cost effective.

Database vendors have various names for their reusable links including: durable links, persistent links, Permalinks, stable URLs, bookmarks, etc.

Note: These resusable links are usually different from the URLs which appear in the browser address bar.

To ensure Off Campus Access: Anyone who uses a durable or persistent link must also have access to the database. Therefore, off-campus users must be authenticated as part of Madison Area Technical College, so our college EZproxy prefix must also be added to the database link.

EZ Proxy URL / Link Creator