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Kanopy films operates under a Patron Driven Acquisitions model.  This means that the library has access to a large collection of titles, but purchases only the titles that the users actually use.  Once a film has been viewed several times, the library will be billed for that title and will have unlimited streaming access to the film for a 1-year period.  

This ensures that we only purchase titles that our patrons are interested in viewing.  Everyone wins!

Madison College Libraries is proud to present Kanopy, our newest on-demand streaming film database.  Log in to find  independent, international, classic, or documentary films!  


In Kanopy, you can now watch must-see classic films from The Criterion Collection, learn about every subject imaginable from The Great Courses and PBS, or indulge in festival indie or world cinema sourced from award-winning filmmakers globally.  Kanopy can be accessed 24/7 on or off campus, and all films come with public performance rights.  Check it out today!


You can find Kanopy on our A-Z list of databases, along with the other databases that the libraries offer, or paste the following URL into your address bar.  No ezproxy required!


For off campus access, students and staff must log in with their Madison College username and password.  For login help, please see our account help page.

Citing Kanopy films is simple.  Most citations will require the following information for a streaming film:

  • Main performer and their role
  • Title of Movie
  • Distributor
  • Release Year
  • Distribution Country or City
  • Database Name
  • Document ID#
  • Date Accessed

This information can be found in the Kanopy website below the film.  

Citing Kanopy

The Title and Distributor are listed first. (See red arrows above)

Click "SHOW MORE" to find the rest of the information you will need.  (Circled in the above image)

For more information on citations, visit our Citation Tools page or contact a librarian.


Linking to and embedding Kanopy films is easy!

Linking to Kanopy

Below the film you would like to use, click on the "Share" button as is circled above.  This opens up the sharing or embedding code.  Just select if you would like to share or embed, and let Kanopy do the rest!

You can also include Kanopy in PowerPoint Presentations.