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Online Security: Blackboard

Information about protecting your personal information online

blackboard logo     You have some choices about sharing information on Blackboard.

At this time, personal information displayed is limited to within a course and would include first name, last name and college email address. Students cannot edit their personal information in Blackboard.

How to Set Privacy Options in Blackboard

  • Click the global navigation link at the top of the page.
  • Click Settings and select Personal Information. You can also access Personal Information on the Tools panel.
  • On the Personal Information page, select Set Privacy Options.
  • On the Set Privacy Options page, select the appropriate check boxes to make personal information visible to other Blackboard users.
  • To list your profile information in the user directory, select the check box.
  • To prevent other course members from contacting you by email, select the email option check box.
  • To prevent your name from being displayed in the course roster, select the check box.
  • Click Submit. 

Social Profiles and Tools have not yet been implemented at our college.

You can make some choices as to which notifications to receive from your courses, and how you would like to receive the notifications.

myblackboard: Posts

The Posts tool on your myBlackboard page consolidates posts from all of your courses – posts from Discussion Boards, Journals, Wikis, and Blogs.Posts appear in chronological order. Posts will remain in My Blackboard for a week (7 days), so you get the most current information in this quick view. You can filter, comment, reply or click to go to the course view.

myblackboard: Updates

The Updates tool on your My Blackboard page consolidates all of your Notifications from across all your courses. updates screenshot

Check course announcements, new content, assignments, and more.

Set filters or change your notification preferences so you can view exactly what you want to show up in this tool.