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Multimedia Academic Resources: Resources and Help

Resources in our libraries to support students working on academic multimedia assignments

Creating a podcast, Powerpoint presentation, video, or other multimedia creation for a class here at MATC? Check your assignment instructions, then here's some resources  to help you get started:


Adobe Premiere - Video Editing

Adobe Premiere -  If you don't have Adobe Creative Cloud apps on your virtual desktop already, you can request it be added. Or use a Use a MAC at Truax or South libraries, or the Creator Studio.

iMovie - Video Editing

Library MACs have iMovie. Truax Library computer lab: 8 MACs. 1 MAC: Truax Library Multimedia room #4. South Library. Creator Studio. 


Screen Captures and Screen Recording

Capture what is on your computer screen - an image or a video screen recording


Audio Resources

Respect copyright restrictions. Create your own audio OR look for reliable sources for royalty-free stock audio, images, music, or video. Here's some audio mp3s and stock video to enhance your podcast, presentation or video. 

Video Hosting / Streaming / Sharing Options

Microsoft Stream - Online Office 365 Video Sharing App

Upload, view, or share videos securely with MATC students, faculty and staff. 

YouTube - Video Sharing

requires a personal Google account


Learn with LinkedIn Learning

  • videography and motion graphics: storyboarding, color correction, lighting, and video editing in After Effects, Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro.
  • Audio Production: creative and technical audio effects, audio recording, and mixing tracks in postproduction.
  • Music production: how to record and produce music. How to make a beat, mix a song, use software instruments, and create music with multitrack recording software.
  • and more

Computer Manuals and eBooks

Try search terms such as podcasting, Adobe Premiere, or iMovie.

Librarian Help