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Turn now to some inexplicable aspects of physics and our physical world. Among the many eye-opening topics you'll learn about in this episode are the discovery of more and more elements on the periodic table; muon neutrinos, tao particles, and the three regimes of matter; the secrets of string theory; and even the hypothetical experience of traveling through a black hole.


Soon, some researchers argue, we could have robot cars acting as chauffeurs during our daily commutes—letting us sit back and read, text, email or watch TV, while our car does all the driving.

But there are still challenges carmakers need to overcome before we see highways packed with autonomous vehicles. You know—little things, like mistaking harmless puddles of water for potholes. Or big stuff, like misjudging the movements of a pedestrian and causing serious injury.

Britain is on the brink of a technological revolution. Machines and artificial intelligence are beginning to replace jobs like never before.

This documentary takes a look at the workplaces already using this new technology and asks whether we should feel threatened by it, or whether it will benefit all of us. Are we ready for one of the biggest changes the world of work has ever seen?

Professor Marcus du Sautoy lifts the veil on algorithms that touch our lives every day; most of us are unaware of their extraordinary impact. The expansion in the use of algorithms has coincided with the computer age and the collation of big data.

We focus on the most interesting and surprising examples which represent different categories of algorithms and look into the historical example of Euclid’s Algorithm from two and half thousand years ago; the modern godfather of algorithms could only be Alan Turing. Marcus will explore how math is being used to solve real world problems and even make life and death decisions.