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Madison College Libraries Policies: Noise

Noise and Misuse of the Library Policy

The libraries of Madison Area Technical College provide a welcoming, multiple-use environment for the students, faculty, and community of our district.  To this end, our library staff has the obligation to ensure that library users can find ample space for quiet concentration and study.  As part of the College’s Student Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities, all students, “Have the right to experience a high quality learning environment, free from disruptions or distractions.”

Therefore, library users are required to adhere to the following rules:

  •  Conversations should be kept to a minimum. If talking is necessary, voices must be kept low and conversations should be brief.
  •  Group study must not disturb other patrons and must be confined to a single table.
  • No cell phone use. Use of other devices, such as laptops, should be silent.
  • Noise from headphones must not be audible to others.
  • Notify the library staff if your use of the library is being disrupted.
  • The determination of student compliance with these policies will be at the discretion of the librarian on duty and/or a library administrator.

If library users are found in violation of these rules:

  • Patrons will be first given a verbal reminder of the policy; patrons have the choice to comply with the policy or voluntarily leave the library.
  • If a disruption persists, a librarian gives a warning that continued disruption will involve a suspension of library privileges, including an immediate expulsion from the library.
  • Librarian will ask the patron or group of patrons to leave the library.  When possible, this should be done in coordination with another staff member.
  • In the event that a patron refuses to leave the library, security will be contacted, and the student will be identified and removed from the library.  Before or shortly following removal, security will share the identity of the student with library staff on duty.
  • Should a patron’s disruptions continue in future visits, the user will be referred to the library’s administration and/or conflict management staff for follow up.