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Madison College Libraries Policies: Kids in Library

Guidelines on Children in the Library (in accordance with Madison College Truax building rules):

These rules apply to users of our libraries not staff or student employees. 

1.     Anyone under the age of 16, not enrolled at Madison College, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

2.     If parents wish to have their children use the computers, they must be logged-in using their parent’s login and must remain present the entire time.  This indicates the parent has given permission for their child to have access to the resources available. 

3.     If parents need to work on a computer while their child uses another computer, a library staffer will use a guest login to accommodate such needs.

These rules apply to users of our libraries, not staff or student employees while on the job.

Unaccompanied children will be asked where their parents are and what time they plan to return.  Library staff will also ask to speak with their parent(s) when they return.  In the meantime, if a child misbehaves (i.e. looking at inappropriate sites, being noisy, etc), they will be warned once.  If behavior continues, library staff will call security to assist.