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History: United States: Cina: 212

Madson Area Technical College Libraries Research Guide: United States History
cover art for Lies My Teacher Told Me

Lies My Teacher Told Me

everything your American history textbook got wrong

cover art bronze screen

The bronze screen

100 years of the Latino image in Hollywood [DVD]

cover art for Provocateur


images of women and minorities in advertising

celluloid indians

Celluloid Indians

Native Americans and film

cover art for culture and the ad

Culture and the ad

exploring otherness in the world of advertising

cover art for killing us softly 4

Killing us softly 4

advertising's image of women [DVD]


examples of search terms: speeches, letters, diary or diaries, autobiography, poems,... 

or search for a particular person ex. bob dylan or a particular topic ex. protest songs

try Filters/Limiters such as: dates, American Literature, History since 1865, format ex. print book ...

Zinn Resources @ your library

Streaming films @ your library

Sample streaming video titles


Quick History Article Search in Academic Search, History Ref Center, and MasterFile

History Article Search
Limit Your Results

More Databases

Find primary source periodicals - magazines and newspapers

The Truax Library has a small collection of some historical backfiles of print magazines:

  • Look: 1963-10/71
  • Life: 1963-1972. 1985-5/00
  • Current History: 1970-1999
  • Foreign Affairs: 1970-
  • National Geographic: 1960-1969 1971-1978 1980 to present
  • Time: 1970- present
  • Vital Speeches of the Day: from 10/15/65-- (volumes 33 and 42 are missing) to Current year

Some other sources to check: