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Start Your Digital Portfolio

Start Your Digital Portfolio

According to a recent Association of American Colleges & Universities survey, most employers say they would find digital portfolios useful. You can use your digital portfolio to build a professional online identity and demonstrate your relevant experience. These strategies will help you get started in almost any field.

Research and pick the best platform for you

Keep your layout and navigation simple
Employers are looking for portfolios that are easy to navigate and organized to tell your story.

Basics include:

  • a clean and simple homepage
  • an "about me" section
  • your resume
  • samples of your work
  • contact information

Read more about what employers are looking for in a digital portfolio and find examples.

Be selective and think about organization

Consider your audience
Keep your audience in mind throughout the process. Your portfolio should address the "why should I hire you" question, so focus on your career goals and aspirations to tell your story.

Check your work
Connect your online presence
Don't wait to get started

More help:

Use the library's Business Databases to research companies you are interested in working for: