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Digital Citizenship: Home

"Digital citizenship is the responsible use of technology to learn, create, and participate." (

How libraries support YOU as a digital citizen:

In addition to learning how to evaluate online sources (using the CRAAP tool or developing a keen eye to spot fake news) and analyze research results (see HOWLER tutorials), libraries provide access to resources that support your growth and participation in a digital world when you leave school. A few examples:

Information Literacy.

Content Creation.

Information Access & Ethics.

Social Media & Identities.

Related books/ebooks in our collection:

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Be an empowered learner:

LinkedIn Learning offers a number of web-based courses to build your capacity to be an awesome digital citizen. Learn how to create and maintain a personal brand, better understand intellectual property and copyright when creating for the web, and explore the world of social media. To learn more about LinkedIn Learning, and set-up your account, checkout our resource page: 

LinkedIn Learning with Content

Digital Citizenship in the news

Other Outstanding Online Resources

Games and Interactivity for Digital Citizenship

Digital Backpack Workshop

Why you should care 

About your part in the Information Ecosystem


Knowledge is power

We are all interconnected. Digital Technology can both clarify and confuse our connections as we simultaneously consume and create data and information online. 

To understand the world and our place in it, we must engage information and knowledge critically and collaboratively. 

This includes grasping concepts of privacy, intellectual property, metaliteracy, and civic engagement.


Digital Citizen-Instructor Support

Connecting educators to library liaisons:

  • Want to incorporate concepts of digital citizenship in your course curriculum?
  • Want to make connections of digital citizenship to course learning objectives and information literacy frameworks?
  • Want to develop your own metaliteracy as an instructor (and individual) navigating the digital world in and out of the classroom?
  • Contact us or connect to our Faculty Toolbox for more resources!

Additional applications: 

The icons and links below are connected to activities for both educators and life-long learners that apply a critical and reflective lens to digital engagement.

Digital citizenEmpowered Learner

The linked Digital Citizen & Empowered Learner content is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0, project of the Metaliteracy Learning Collaborative, including several educators across the SUNY system.

Civic Engagement

Transform knowledge into informed impact!

Topic Highlight: Civic Engagement.
Civic Engagement refers to "individual or collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern, including individual voluntarism, organizational involvement and advocacy." Digital civic engagement takes this action into our active online spaces.

Midwest curriculum and initiatives:

“Definition of Civic Engagement” American Psychological Association,

Ebsco articles

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Digital Wellness

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